Status: Cruiserweight boxer. NBC Network boxing analyst.

Ht: 6-3 Wt: 200

DOB: January 29, In: San Francisco, CA

First boxing memory: In the garage with my dad, goin' over the same combination over and over again. Then, later as a seven year old, boxing with some of the older 10 and 11 year old kids in the neighborhood and making them cry.

Boxing inspiration(s): Floyd Mayweather.

Hobbies/interests: KIDS and charity groups.. Boys Town and Girls Town, abandoned kids or kids dismissed from school for behavioral problems. Speaking with them and motivating them to become the person they can be. Besides that....Traveling to foreign countries, old cars, working out, pool days, dancing, Latin America countries, football, boxing, beautiful girls.

First job: Maintenance and cleaning for the huge dairy plant at Highland in Springfield, Missouri. It was terrible.

Current car: Mercedes S 550, 68 Mustang Cobra.

First famous boxer you met or encountered: Roy Jones Jr. at the 1995 US Men's National Championships in Colorado Springs. He was my childhood idol. I was blown away to meet him in real life.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Anything with cookies.


Greatest career moment: 1990 National Silver gloves champion as a 10 year old in Marshalltown, Iowa. 1997 National Golden Gloves champion as an 18 year old. Gold medalist at Four Nations tournament in Laval France vs. Germany, Australia, France. Unanimous decision over Darnell Wilson in IBF eliminator in Wilson's hometown, on his promoter's show (2008 in Delaware).

Most painful moment: The Danny Green weigh-in (for IBO Cruiserweight title in 2010 in Australia). I was 195 pounds (per the contract) and was starving for weeks, also 18 months inactivity when I was with Square Ring.

Favorite boxers to watch: Floyd Mayweather, David Haye, Wladimir Klitschko, Andre Ward, Guillermo Jones.

Strangest fight: Darnell Wilson. He talked sooo much trash in the fight build-up, then didn't have a word to say at the weigh-in after I told him, "Nobody will know his name after tomorrow night."

Embarrassing boxing memory: Had to weigh-in without any underwear for a fight and my team "accidentally" dropped the towel. Needless to say ticket sales were down a bit and we figured we had to do something drastic to make sure the people showed up! The fight was a sellout [laughs]!

Why do you love boxing: Grew up with it. Some kids love video games and Guitar Hero but when I was a kid I loved boxing and football. Would watch tapes of old school fighters as my father had a library or fights. Would sit and watch all the greats and practice there moves in the gym that night.

Toughest opponent: Danny Green (loss on points, 12 rounds). He didn't engage and kept the fight at distance. I expected him to come forward like he always had before. Wasn't prepared for that style as a counter-puncher. And I was completely drained at 195. I can barely make 200.

Funniest boxers you've encountered: Hino Ekinhimor.

Favorite sport outside of boxing: Football and golf. Went to the Masters this year in Augusta, Georgia.

Three athletes you like to watch & follow: Tiger Woods - was a member of his charity for his annual Poker Tournament and guest of his at the Masters. David Haye - superstar in England and been part of two of his training camps. Floyd Mayweather - lives in Vegas and I regularly go down to his gym and watch him train and prepare.

Childhood dream(s): To be a professional athlete and have an extremely hot girlfriend [smiles].

Pre-fight feeling/mindset: Relax, focus, ready.

Hardest puncher you faced: Donnell Holmes in the 1997 National Golden Gloves finals. He was 26 an I was 18. He knocked out all four guys before I beat him in the finals.

Last vacation: Laughlin, Nevada on the river. Jetskis with great people. You know who you are.

People qualities most admired: The ability to be outgoing without being obnoxious.