Bermane Stiverne was knocked out of the front pages of American newspapers by the homosexual football player Michael Sam.

Stiverne's excellent, dramatic sixth round knockout win to capture the World Boxing Council Heavyweight championship vs. American Chris Arreola was overshadowed by the homosexual football player who was drafted in the seventh round of the NFL Entry Draft. In the Bradenton Herald and Sarasota Herald Tribune Sunday edition newspapers on the west coast of Florida, the homosexual football player getting drafted was front page news with a photo, while Stiverne's knockout of Arreola earned a small graph on the roundup column on page four of the Bradenton Herald but no mention at all in the larger circulation Sarasota Herald Tribune.

Most certainly this coverage pattern repeated itself across America in the print, digital, television and social media outlets.

The final conclusion is that Michael Sam, the homosexual football player, knocked out the far more accomplished and deserving Bermane Stiverne from the coveted front page of  newspapers all across the United States of America.

Yet another disappointment and showing of disrespect for professional prizefighting that needs to be corrected.