My one on one interview with Thomas Hearns which we did at Madison Square Garden in 2003...

Q - What's new with "The Hitman?"

Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns: "Basically what's up with me now is I'm still training, I am still gonna fight again. I want to win my 8th world title. And what I'm doing now, basically more than anything else, I'm a promoter. Promoting fights and stuff like that right now. Hearns Entertainment. So after I really, really get into promoting, that's going to be my next field. I'm feeling very strongly about my promotional business. I think the promoting business is going to be great for me. I have a lot of friends and fans out here. I have a lot of friends in the boxing world that will support anything I do."

Q - Do you have any top fighters under contract?

Hearns: "I don't want any fighters under contract. I don't want that. I'd just like to promote something, some fights. I don't want to house or necessarily take care of fighters."

Q - What brings you here to this event?

Hearns: "I was in town and since I was here, I might as well go to the fights. The fights are going to be great fights, I'm looking forward to it."

Q - How do you see a potential Fight of the Century between Hopkins and De La Hoya playing out?

Hearns: "Gee, you put me on the spot [smiles]. I think it would be a very interesting fight. But I think Hopkins is probably going to be a little stronger than De La Hoya. Because he's bigger. If I have to lean toward anybody, I have to go with Hopkins."

Q - Jones-Tarver, you're analysis of that fight?

Hearns: "I thought it was a very good fight. I think that Roy Jones left too much space for the people to have doubts about who won the fight...who was the closer, and who got the most points at the end. And I think that if Jones would have done more he would have won the fight clearly. But since he didn't, he let Antonio Tarver take advantage."

Q - If Lennox Lewis retires, who do you see possibly being the next dominant heavyweight champion?

Hearns: "Only one...Mike Tyson [smiles]."

Q - When this great era comes to a close - when Lewis, Tyson, Jones, Oscar and Holyfield retire - who do you see as the next era of pay-per-view superstars?

Hearns: "It's hard to say. Because so many great fighters are coming up right now. I can't put a name on it. I wish that whoever comes along, I wish that they be great."