Status: Former world heavyweight title challenger will box Seth Mitchell on Saturday night in California.

Ht: 6-4 Wt: 250

DOB: March 5, 1981 In: Los Angeles, CA

Childhood Hero: "My main childhood hero is Julio Cesar Chavez. Not only was he a great fighter but a great person outside the ring. I used to go watch him train in Culiacan."

Nicknames: "Nightmare. I went through a lot of them. Big Nose. Pinocchio. Horrible. So many."

Hobbies/Leisure Activities: "Honestly, play video games. I’m a video game freak. I love playing PS3, Madden. Get online, play Medal of Honor, Call of Duty. Any sports game you’ll catch me playing online."

Favorite Movies: "Blood In, Blood Out. That’s a good one. I like Shawshank. Coming To America. Scarface – every guy loves Scarface."

Favorite TV Shows: "Sons of Anarchy. That’s a great show."

Last Book Read: "I read Chuck Zito’s book."

Musical Tastes: "Hip-hop, Lil Wayne right now. He’s just phenomenal. And Jay-Z. His old stuff is great. His new stuff is even better. Kanye West. The Game. T.I. Isley Brothers. Marvin Gaye. And I can’t forget Luther Vandross."

First Job: "Carpenter."

First Car: "1993 Honda Prelude."

Current Cars: "Which one? I have a 1959 Chevy Apache. I have a 1987 Buick Grand National. I got a 2009 Dodge Challenger. 2008 Dodge Charger. And Ford F-150. All American."

Early Boxing Memory: "My first boxing fight when I chased the kid around the ring and making him cry."

Favorite Meal: "I’ll eat any kind of Mexican food and I like seafood, especially shrimp."

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: "Rocky road and pistachio."

Pre-Fight Feeling: "I’m calm, cool, collected. Everything changes when I’m in the ring. When I’m in the ring I start visualizing the fight. What he may do, what I’m gonna do. (Isn’t that waiting too long to do that?) No, not really. You know, you gotta stay as cool as you can."

Childhood Dream: "A champion."

Greatest Sports Moment: "It hasn’t happened yet."

Most Painful Moment: "Losing. Losing my fight to Vitali Klitschko. In the manner that I lost. I was very disappointed in my loss and the way that I fought."

Toughest Opponent: "By far, Vitali Klitschko. He’s such a ring savvy and so smart in the ring, made him so tough to fight. (No shame. Some think he might be the best ever.) I don’t know, only time will tell when he retires. Of course, I believe Muhamad Ali was one of the greatest. But so is Lennox Lewis. He doesn’t get enough credit for what he’s done. He beat a lot of the greats. So Lennox Lewis has to be up there."

Funny Boxing Memory: "I got kissed. In my fifth or sixth (actually ninth) fight. The guy (David Cleage) kissed me. During the fight. He got disqualified (W DSQ 3 2005 in Uncasville, CT)."

Embarrassing Boxing Memory: "I really don’t have one really."

Last Vacation: "I went to Vegas for a whole week. A whole week. It’s just a weekend place. Not a place to be there for the whole week."

Favorite Boxers To Watch: "Manny Pacquiao, I love watching Pacquiao. Paul Williams. I go home and watch Paul Williams, did he really do that? Also Barrera, Morales, Vazquez, Tim Bradley, Margarito and Cotto. I love watching the little guys because they just go at it."

Favorite Sport To Watch Outside Boxing: "Football, basketball. And I’m not gonna knock it because I think it’s a very tough sport – so is MMA. I love watching UFC. Tough sport. And I don’t believe they get paid what they should. And that’s why you’ll never catch me in a cage [smiles]."

Your Finest Performance: "Malcolm Tann. I showed more of what I have to offer. People saw more of what I got. I was throwing more combinations to the body and head and finally got him in the 8th round with a right hand and left hook. He was falling out of the ring."

People Qualities Most Admired: "Respect. That’s the main thing. Like, thank you. Please. Man, I love that. Just people being respectful to one another."