Oscar De La Hoya has challenged Al Haymon to change his ways and conduct his business with the best interests of the sport in mind, and not his own personal.

"We must put aside the egos that have damaged our brand and sullied our reputation," said De La Hoya at the Int'l Boxing Hall of Fame where he was inducted on Sunday. We, the promoters, must stop carrying petty grudges that serve no purpose but to divide our sport. And most important - we must give the fans the fights they want."

Of course, everyone in boxing knows it's been Al Haymon and Floyd Mayweather who have adamantly refused to make the Manny Pacquiao superfight of all superfights, with an inventory of excuses, because Mayweather and Haymon, the man who controls Mayweather's career, are terrified of losing not only the fight but their leverage in the sport and their brand identification of Mayweather being the greatest boxer in ring history.

Though De La Hoya did not mention Haymon by name, it's quite clear he was directing his comments at the mysterious and manipulative figure who entered the boxing business about ten years ago after a successful career in the music industry.

Haymon and his "Yes Man" Richard Schaefer, were recently dismissed from working with Golden Boy Promotions. Haymon and Schaefer were also dismissed over a year ago by HBO, which will no longer associate or do business with Haymon, Schaefer or the 37 year old Mayweather.  

Haymon has not commented about De La Hoya's statements because he does not associate with the media.

De La Hoya retired from boxing in 2008 after a KO loss to Manny Pacquiao. His final ring record was 39-6 with 30 KO's. De La Hoya established Golden Boy Promotions in 2002.