Floyd, Golden Boy and Haymon are saying "Screw You" to boxing fans worldwide


By continuing to protect Floyd Mayweather from Manny Pacquiao, Golden Boy, Al Haymon and Showtime are collectively saying a big 'Screw You' to boxing fans worldwide.

They are conspiring to give Mayweather a safe haven of protection from a high risk fight they know he will lose which would be very bad for future business.

Boxing fans worldwide are still demanding to see Pacquiao vs. Mayweather after four years of stonewalling, media manipulation and outright lies from Al Haymon, Richard Schaefer and Floyd Mayweather.

But they are not going to get it. The plan is to continue to screw the fans and protect Mayweather with another set up sparring session which he is guaranteed to win easily against a B side irrelevant pawn named Amir Khan.

It's a boxing farce more worthy of being shown for free on You Tube or in the WWE. Nobody, not one single fan in the world is demanding to see Floyd box circles around Khan.

The time has come for the boxing fans of the world to unite and take action against Golden Boy, Showtime, Al Haymon and Mayweather. The time has come to boycott and cancel everything associated with Showtime, Haymon, Mayweather and Golden Boy.

A mass boycott and cancellation of Showtime is the only effective action that can force these dirty rotten scoundrels to stop their nonsense and sacrifice Mayweather to finally fight Pacquiao.

Otherwise, if fans continue to support what they are doing, they will only get more garbage like Floyd vs. Khan in the future. This means boxing fans will be insulted with more protected fraud coward fighters and lousy business fights that no one wants to see except the promoters who, like Floyd told us, want to "steal more money from fans."

Boxing fans must unite now and reject, boycott and cancel Showtime. Send the hard-hitting message now. Do not support this Mayweather fraud reality show any more. The future integrity of the "sport" is on the line because Golden Boy and Showtime are expected to be major players.

Mayweather must be forced to face Pacquiao, or he deserves to be violently kicked out of boxing by a dozen angry mules, Sebastien Janikowksi and Lionel Messi in succession. Mayweather's obscene cowardice simply cannot be tolerated any longer.

If Roger Federer ducked Rafa Nadal in the Wimbledon final, if the Niners ducked the Broncos in the Super Bowl, if the Heat ducked the Lakers in the NBA Finals, if the Blackhawks ducked the Bruins in the Stanley Cup, each of them would be ridiculed as cowards all over the world.

Yet somehow Mayweather's cowardice is accepted and tolerated and even rewarded. It's beyond ridiculous and insane. Mayweather is the greatest symbol of cowardice in the history of sport. Because of his cowardly ducking of Pacquiao for FOUR years.

If Boxing Fans continue to willingly tolerate, accept and pay for the mediocre entertainment that Showtime, Golden Boy and Al Haymon are giving them with the Mayweather garbage, well then maybe they deserve it.

Boxing fans run the sport and have the collective power to put an end to what Haymon, Mayweather, Schaefer and Showtime are attempting to swindle: selling and packaging a fraud coward in "fights" we know he is guaranteed to win and not be hurt.