Scoop Malilnowski:  A lot of experts say there's tremendous talent at 140 (Cotto, Tszyu, Floyd, Gatti, Mitchell, Hatton, etc.) ...  


Vivian Harris: "That's what they think. That's what they been seeing. Whatever you see, that's what you think. There's a lot of mismatching going on in my division. They're not fighting nobody. They get nice knockouts on TV, you see Floyd talkin about, Oh, look what Bernard Hopkins did, I'm knockin my opponents out, (Hopkins) is going the distance. Look at who Floyd fought - nobody to go the distance with. Who did Bernard Hopkins just fight - somebody to go the distance with. Not somebody that just came there not to fight. That's what I'm talkin about. It's easy. You can just look and see. But the media don't want to look and see. And talk about these things. But they don't talk. Vivian Harris is gonna talk. Because the world needs to know the truth. Boxing is not like back in the days, man. I don't even watch a fight like that no more. I'd rather watch back in the days fights than watching today's fights. Because it's bullshit. Unless it's the middleweight division or 154. But these guys won't fight each other. Look. Shane Mosley didn't have to fight Winky Wright. He didn't have to fight Vernon Forrest. But these guys want to prove that they're the best out there. That's why they do it." 

"Floyd don't want to prove nothing. He just want to stay undefeated with that zero and act like he pound-for-pound. When the media don't give him pound-for-pound, he want to argue with the media and ask the media, What did Floyd and what did Roy Jones do? Roy Jones didn't have to fight Tarver. He could have stayed at heavyweight and he could have made money at heavyweight. He didn't do that. So Floyd's not talkin nice. So, like I said, I'm just upset I wasn't (at the Floyd press conference yesterday). Because I was gonna shut his mouth...[Vivian begins talking into the mic as if directly to Floyd]... Cause you're talkin a lot of shit. Feel me? And that's why you don't have no fans. You talk that nobody knows me, yeah, people know you, but they don't even like you. Look at that. You can't even fill up an arena. Look at you, man. Because you're not fighting nobody. All you're looking for is money fights. Okay, we respect that as a business. But you have to fight the best fighters out there."