Oscar De La Hoya and Bob Arum may re-unite


By Scoop Malinowski

Al Haymon's disastrous influence on Golden Boy Promotions is about to reach its breaking point, says boxing insider Rick Glaser. Golden Boy, which has been manipulated by Al Haymon for years, is on the verge of destruction. 

"Oscar De La Hoya and Richard Schaefer are both lawyering up in a huge way in their ongoing internal strife that now has turned into war at Golden Boy," says Glaser. "Oscar has retained iconic Hollywood entertainment super lawyer Bert Fields and Schaefer has hired the well-known and highly respected Robert Shapiro."

Showtime Boxing VP, Stephen Espinoza, a former lawyer at Golden Boy and some suspect another puppet of Haymon "has called a temporary truce between Oscar and Schaefer till after the May 3 Floyd Mayweather pay-per-view show that Showtime is broadcasting and Golden Boy is promoting," says Glaser. 

The Mayweather-Maidana May 3 bill, another sparring session most fans don't care to see or pay for, is in danger of losing millions of dollars, just like press reports said the Mayweather-Guerrero show last year bombed financially. At last, it seems, someone in a position of power - Oscar De La Hoya - has had enough of Al Haymon and his widely criticized approach to avoiding high risk exciting competition in favor or low risk, boring set up fights for his preferred fighters.  

"This won't have a pretty ending, no matter the result. And as for Bob Arum, he's waiting in the wings looking to help his old friend Oscar, so the ''Cold War'' between Top Rank and Golden Boy could be over with, because as soon as Oscar gets rid of Schaefer the relationship between Oscar and Arum will more than likely be warm and fuzzy again!" adds Glaser. "Remember, this is huge as it will determine what you see in terms of boxing action on American TV for years to come, on which network, and what is and isn't shown on PPV!"

If Mayweather-Maidana is boycotted by fans worldwide and it loses millions of dollars, as many expect to happen, chances are very good that Haymon will finally be forced to sacrifice Mayweather to face Pacquiao later this year, in what will certainly be the biggest money fight in boxing history. 

There you have it. Stay tuned...