So the word is now out that Richard Schaefer has resigned from Golden Boy Promotions.

On the surface, it's supposed to look like Schaefer is calling the shots and he's leaving his friend and associate Oscar De La Hoya, for new opportunities. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

In life and relating to boxing, there are a couple of historic quotations that come to mind... "Rare is the mind that can discern what is carefully concealed within..."

And "Nothing is ever as it seems."

We live in a world of lies, smokescreens, deceptions and bluffs, and this news that Schaefer is departing Golden Boy is likely just another scheme to save some face(s).

Particularly the faces of Richard Schaefer and his master, Al Haymon.

Haymon has been running the show at Golden Boy via his subservient underling Schaefer while Oscar laid back as the figurehead, but there's trouble in paradise now. The public isn't buying the Floyd Mayweather ducking act anymore. The PPV numbers for Mayweather-Guerrero and Mayweather-Maidana were far below expectations and lost millions.

When a business starts losing money, to the tune of millions of dollars, heads have to roll. And with the poor performances by Mayweather, the heads of Schaefer and Haymon are now rolling.

Todays' news that Schaefer (and Haymon) are out at Golden Boy marks the second time in recent years that Schaefer (and Haymon) have been dumped. Remember, HBO disassociated itself completely from doing business with Golden Boy/Schaefer/Haymon.

Finally, it appears the public is rejecting the business practices of Al Haymon, Richard Schaefer and Floyd Mayweather who arrogantly announced on Showtime All Access last year that he approves of and wants his team to keep on handpicking safe, easy opponents for him in order to "steal more money from the fans."

Such obscene, disrespectful arrogance has now come back to haunt Haymon, Schaefer and Mayweather. Now they are on their own.

And the sooner they and what they represent are ostracized, rejected and flushed from the sport, the better it will be for the future of boxing, the greatest sport on Earth.

Boxing in America must return to the honor and integrity of a sport which matches the best versus the best. Haymon, Schaefer and Mayweather have proved that they are in violation of this credo. They are against and contradict the essence of boxing as a sport, and so they must be eliminated.