How Pacquiao Can Force Floyd To Finally Fight

Manny Pacquiao is too nice for his own good. Floyd Mayweather benefits from Pacquiao's gentlemanly humbleness.

The world wants to see Pacquiao vs. Floyd and so far Floyd's ducking tactics have succeeded.

Manny Pacquiao, if he really wants to fight Floyd, has to change his approach. Obviously, Mayweather wants to duck Pacquiao forever. He feels he can lie and double talk his way out of the fan and media pressure which has hit hounded him over the last four years.

Pacquiao has to be more aggressive with his campaign to force a superfight with Mayweather. He has to speak more decisively and clearly state that he wants to KO Floyd and show who is the best. No more, "'s up to my promoter." Turn up the heat on Floyd, make him sweat and cringe. The more Paquiao talks, the more fuel the media gets, which translates to more pressure the media will put on Floyd via more questions to Floyd about Pacquiao, which Mayweather hates, as evidenced by the episodes of Mayweather mentally unraveling to Larry Merchant, Rick Rude and Rugged Man RA.

Another historic way boxers in the past have overcome being ducked is to write open letters challenging the certain champion and then issuing the open letters to various newspapers and publications. Pacquiao needs to pen an open letter challenging and daring Mayweather to fight, and then issue it to various global outlets, such as The Ring, fightnews, Times of London, New York Times, New York Post, TMZ, LA Times, Wall Street Journal,, Boxing News UK, The Daily Mirror UK, etc. etc.

Pacquiao needs to be more offensive outside the ring, just like his inside the ring style, put more pressure on Mayweather from all different angles. And keep the pressure on him. Floyd hates pressure inside the ring and out, both kinds make him lose his mind.

I would suggest also that Pacquiao can even go back on Jimmy Kimmel and sing a song taunting Floyd on national TV. Pacquiao can sing something like a Phil Collins or Journey ballad and change the words to mock and challenge Floyd. Imagine the uproar this could cause - and not to mention, the added pressure Floyd would have to deal with.

Pacquiao can also verbally criticize Showtime for protecting Floyd and feeding him boring business opponents which are a major disappointment to so many fans.

Pacquiao has to work harder outside the ring to make Mayweather fight. Mayweather feels he has won the fight outside the ring via words and talk and he is happy with that. Pacquiao has to change that dynamic. Though it may be against his nature - Filippinos are naturally quiet, humble and not prone to troublemaking - Pacquiao will have to step out of his normal comfort zone to force Mayweather to fight. But it will all be worth it in the end.

Manny Pacquiao must step up and be more aggressive and assertive if he wants to participate in the biggest boxing event in ring history.


Other idea options...

Hire men in duck and chicken costumes to stand outside the Mayweather gym for a week straight.

Sell official "Floyd Duckweather" cartoon t-shirts, hats and coffee mugs at his web site.

Go on a media appearance tour on American networks like Fox, CNN, ABC, ESPN, Howard Stern, Bill O'Reilly, David Letterman, Charlie Rose, Anderson Cooper, etc. openly challenging Floyd to fight next September.

(Artwork by Sen Lacson)