For four years the greatest duck in boxing history has perpetuated as Floyd Mayweather has lied, deceived, tricked, conned, bluffed and fake retired his way out of having to combat Manny Pacquiao in what would be the biggest money event in ring history.

But with Mayweather scoring a nice win over Canelo Alvarez one week ago and if Pacquiao can defeat Brandon Rios later this year, the hype and pressure will once again land squarely on and begin haunting Mayweather all over again.

Part of the blame must be placed on Pacquiao for being too nice and not verbally aggressive enough. He simply let Mayweather off the hook by being too kind and passive.

I believe if Pacquiao can and will need to become more verbally aggressive, even abusive towards Mayweather, This way, Mayweather will have to respond with actions, not just his empty words.

Pacquiao must say things like "Mayweather is a coward who uses excuses and protection from Golden Boy, Showtime and Al Haymon to dodge the fight."

"Mayweather is starving the fight public of a super fight because he knows my style and power could damage his health and self preservation. He even confessed this on national TV in America to Bob Costas."

"I believe Floyd Mayweather is a very good fighter against opponents he can handpick, but he is a coward about facing me."

"Floyd Mayweather's basic style is perfect for me, this is why Floyd Mayweather does not want to fight me. He would rather talk about beating me with words instead of using actions."

"I think the boxing fans around the world deserve to see myself and Floyd Mayweather fight, we have different personalities, different styles and a lot of people think we do not like each other. We need to fight to prove who is the best."

"Floyd Mayweather is protected by the American boxing establishment. Boxing is down in America and the fans miss the gloriously exciting days of Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. So they created Mayweather as a substitute all time great fighter. If Floyd is really great he would not be afraid to face me."

(I know talking like this is against the nature of Manny Pacquiao but if he really wants to force Mayweather to do the fight, for the boxing fans around the world and boxing history, this unusual situation calls for drastic, extreme measures to be taken.)

Verbal and media pressure by fighters has worked throughout history when a boxer seeks a certain fight. Pacquiao vs. Mayweather is a unique situation because it's a natural superfight but Mayweather is the one resisting it with his excuses and roadblock conditions. So Pacquiao could follow the route taken by other boxers who were being ducked.

Jack Johnson, for instance, was being ducked by Heavyweight champion Tommy Burns for over two years. According to "The Great Book of Boxing" by Harry Mullan, explained the Johnson-Burns scenario:

"Burns, a shrewd businessman who never knowingly undersold himself, knew that a fight with Johnson would bring him the biggest purse ever and misled the ever gullible fight public into believing that he was scared of meeting the black man. Johnson played along, chasing Burns across Europe and on to Australia, continuously hurling taunts and provocative challenges at him. Public demand for the fight became irresistable."

Of course, Pacquiao shouldn't have to say or do anything to force the fight like Jack Johnson had to, the problem is Mayweather and his manager Al Haymon's adamant resistance. They won't even negotiate with Arum and Pacquiao.

Another example of verbal pressure forcing a famous historical fight was with Tony Galento who aspired to face Champion Joe Louis. Galento publicly called The Brown Bomber "a bum." According to Ring Magazine, Louis was angered by the cheap shot: "What for that fat little man call me a bum?"

"Joe Louis, angered by Galento's reference to the champ as a bum, demanded that his managers get Two Ton Tony as an opponent. That's why the match was made."

The most recent example of a big fight being made via verbal aggression was the Roy Jones Jr. vs. Antonio Tarver rematch. Jones edged Tarver in their first go, but wanted to duck the rematch. HBO was going to protect Jones, offering Tarver a bout with Julio Gonzalez and Roy Jones getting a bout with Glen Johnson. Tarver was outraged by this and went on all-out blast on Jones and HBO, verbally belittling Jones as a coward, a bumpkin, and all sorts of pointed insults. Eventually Jones' pride and ego relented and he agreed to face Tarver. Of course, Tarver knocked Jones out with one punch in the second round.

Mayweather has proven to be far more resistant and evasive than Jones Jr. Despite fan and some American media pressure (not enough), Mayweather has refused to budge. Recently his camp has claimed he would face Pacquiao if he avenges losses to Bradley and Marquez. But that ended up being another bluff lie because the Mayweather camp changed that tune.


Sensing pressure to face Pacquiao growing again, Mayweather changed his position about a month ago, insisting that he will never face Pacquiao, because he blew his chance. Mayweather admitted he wants to continue facing handpicked opponents, in effect, stealing money from the boxing public. It's a shame that Showtime and Golden Boy continue to fund and endorse this kind of fraud isn't it?

But things could be about to change. If Pacquiao can defeat Rios, Pacquiao vs. Mayweather will be on the forefront all over again, perhaps like never before. This time, however, Pacquiao absooutely needs to be more verbally assertive and aggressive towards Mayweather. This tactic by Pacquiao will bother and chip away at Mayweather's ego and if enough pressure is applied, perhaps the protected American (and the interests who back him) will finally overcome his cowardice and self doubts, to finally truly, sincerely agree to face Manny Pacquiao.


Once and for all.