Former WBO Junior Welterweight champion De Marcus Corley recalls his 2004 fight with Floyd Mayweather in Atlantic City, NJ. Corley stunned Mayweather early in the fight with a two-punch combination but lost a unanimous decision.

Scoop Malinowski: What is it that makes Floyd Mayweather so difficult to fight?

DeMarcus Corley: "He makes adjustments and adapts to any circumstance that you bring to the table. He's well planned to make adjustments. And the gameplan when we fought him was to exchange. And we caught him earlier but he made adjustments not to exchange no more. He went to boxing."

Scoop: You caught Mayweather with a straight left, right?

Corley: "A straight left and a right hook."

Scoop: What did he start doing to avoid that?

Corley: "Box. He can outbox me but he can't outbang me. Box me into the later rounds."

Scoop: You had more power than Floyd in the early stages of the fight?

Corley: "Yes. Much stronger than Floyd at 140. He was just coming up."

Scoop: If you got the chance to fight him again is there anything you would do differently?

Corley: "Be in better shape because he broke me down in the later rounds."

Scoop: His fitness is phenomenal.

Corley: "Yes."

Scoop: How did he treat you before and after the fight?

Corley: "Before the fight we were just neutral friends. But after the fight we became better friends. I got a chance to know him. I lived in Vegas for two years. Helped him get ready for the Zab Judah and Sharmba Mitchell fights. I got a chance to see how Floyd really was, behind the camera."

Scoop: A lot of people insist Floyd is a far different person than the public persona he portrays.

Corley: "He is. He's a down to earth fighter. I mean, he's humble when he's not around everyone. He's just a normal fighter."

Scoop: How do you see it playing out for Mayweather, right now it's not going very good for him. There's a lot of turmoil and controversy.

Corley: "Well, everybody like a bad guy. They look at Floyd like the bad guy. We'll see what all comes out in the wash. He's gonna do the right thing, he'll make the right decisions and make the right fights happen."

Scoop: Ever spar with Manny Pacquiao? How would prime Pacquiao vs. prime Floyd play out?

Corley: "I never got a chance to spar with him yet. I'm hoping I get a chance to. I want to see if he really punches as hard as Shane Mosley says he does. Shane says he never been that hard in his life, in that fight. I think Shane was just scared. Floyd has too much skills for Manny Pacquiao. He's stronger than Manny Pacquiao at 147. I think Floyd would stop Pacquiao in nine rounds. His technique and skills are too much for Manny Pacquiao."

Scoop: Why wouldn't Mayweather take the fight with Pacquiao, he had three years of excuses to avoid the fight?

Corley: "I don't think it's so much the excuses, it's all about the money. And if the money is not right, I don't think the fight will ever happen."

(DeMarcus Corley, now 39, lives in Washington DC and is still active in his boxing career, business endeavors and playing other sports like tennis, bowling and horseshoes. His pro record is 39-20-1 with 23 KO's. "Chop-Chop" recently signed with advisor Al Haymon and is expected to get another world title shot at a 140 pound belt holder in 2014. His company Corley Sports has also recently created a new boxing shoe, which you can learn more about at his Facebook page.)