Victoriano Sosa (35-2-2) boxed Floyd Mayweather in April 2003 and went the 12-round distance in an unsuccessful challenge for the WBC Lightweight title in Fresno, CA. The lanky Dominican, now 38, speaks highly of Mayweather's skillset but says he detected some points of vulnerability which he thinks can be exploited by a top fighter.

"El Santico" Sosa had his last fight - W 10 Francisco Campos - at the Paradise Theater in Bronx, New York in 2005. A talented technical boxer, Sosa, also boxed Miguel Cotto in the junior welterweight division (losing by TKO 4 in 2004). He retired from boxing with an impressive final ring record of 42-4-2 (31 KO's)...

Scoop: How good is Floyd Mayweather? Is he a great fighter in your opinion?

Victoriano Sosa: "Mayweather has been the best talent I’ve fought in the ring. World class competition and that was my most difficult opponent I’ve been up against to this day."

Scoop: Do you believe he is an all time great? And what will it take to beat Floyd?

Victoriano Sosa: "Mayweather is one of the best today. It’s going to be very difficult to beat Mayweather. And something’s gonna have to happen like him changing weight or someone is just gonna have to come and do the business because it’s very difficult."

Scoop: Do you rate Floyd with Ray Robinson, Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard, at that ultimate elite level?

Victoriano Sosa: "Mayweather is probably one of the best in the world now. He hasn’t tested his skills against the other top fighters as far as that caliber. But I do want to put out there that Floyd Mayweather is one of the best. And to beat him you have to be one of the best."

Scoop: What does Floyd do well that is so hard to offset?

Victoriano Sosa: "He is very quick and his reflexes are very sharp. He is very hard to hit clean, his defense is very solid. His punches are very accurate. His power is good, not great but good. He’s a very smart fighter."

Scoop: Did you discover any weaknesses in Mayweather when you boxed him in 2003?

Victoriano Sosa: "Yes. To beat Mayweather you have to keep the pressure on him. Can’t let him breathe. Gotta smother him. But you have to be smart about it. Because if you’re not smart about it you can get caught and you can easily lose the fight. And you have to have a lot of good head movement and good waist movement to move side to side and stay out of range of his punches. Because if you smother him the wrong way he will shoot back at you."