From a boxing insider with knowledge of the situation:  "The internal Strife at Golden Boy between Oscar De La Hoya and Richard Schaefer is really heating up, as the investors are backing Oscar in this ongoing saga. Look for Schaefer to resign under pressure or be fired. Schaefer will more than likely end up at Floyd Mayweather's promotional company, with Al Haymon's fighters that aren't tied to Golden Boy in tow! This could get really ugly, including allegations that lead to lawsuits. At this point in time there's only speculation on how this will effect what is shown on Showtime relating to boxing."


The source added, "The boxing websites aren't writing anything on this because of fear that they won't be issued press credentials to Golden Boy events if they write negativity about the problems at Golden Boy."


Could this development be a consequence of Golden Boy investors anger that Haymon and Schaefer continue to protect Mayweather from Manny Pacquiao and for whatever reasons refuse to force Mayweather to participate in the biggest event in boxing history, which will guarantee huge revenues for investors? 

Could this development be a consequence of investors worrying that Mayweather vs. Maidana could lose in excess of ten million dollars, like Mayweather-Guerrero reportedly lost, and they want a guaranteed return on their investments now?

Have we finally reached the inevitable breaking point after over four years of Haymon, Schaefer, Showtime and Mayweather ducking and dodging the biggest event in boxing history?

Stay tuned...