Status: Junior Middleweight boxer.

Ht: 5-9 Wt: I54

DOB: March I9, I984 In: Austin, Texas

First Boxing Memory: "Basically, I got hit, I got bit on the nose in boxing. I remember I put my cup on my head instead of the headgear [smiles]. I remember my first sparring match I got my nose busted. Didn't know how a person could make a person miss by moving their head. But other than that, I made the transition."

Last Book Read: "Back in school I guess...I don't even remember."

Why Do You Love Boxing: "Been doing it since I was seven years old. I've been in boxing from the beginning. So it's a part of me."

Greatest Sports Moment: "Taking out I guess Alfredo Angulo (TKO 6 in Cancun in November 20ll).

Most Painful Moment: "The (Nobuhiro) Ishida fight (TKO loss first round in April 20ll). (What happened there?) I really know it's the transition from one trainer to the other trainer (Kirkland did not work this fight with his normal trainer Ann Wolfe) and not really getting fully situated with each other. We were not as one. Like, as far as, he'll want me to do certain things, I'm feeling like those certain things will lead me to getting hurt or lead me to getting hit. And so it was just a lot of stuff that was shaky. It just made the fight - what happened in the fight."

Which Fight(s) Did You Feel At Your Very Best: "I can't really say because I really come to give it my all. Of course a lot of the fights that I fight, they go out of there. Put 'em out."

Strangest Fight: "I've been headbutted a lot in fights. So those are the only major situations. A low blow here and there doesn't really bother me much. (What happened the time you were bit on the nose?) I was givin' it to him so bad his coach told him, Hey man, bite, kick, whatever. He took the first thing and bit. (How old were you when that happened?) Six."

Favorite Sport Outside Boxing: "People don't know I like tennis. I like one on one combat sports. (Do you play?) No. I wish I had the skill. But no."

Favorite Tennis Players To Watch: "Honestly, I like to watch 'em all. But Serena and her sister. There's a lot of other great players that I watch. I just love the sport in general."

Funny Boxing Memory: "No. No funny. Boxing isn't funny."

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: "Don't have one."

Current Car: "I drive a Jaguar (gray).

Record: 32-l (28 KOs).