Status: Former WBC Light Heavyweight champion.

Ht: 5-11 Wt: 175

DOB: October 28, 1982 In: Port Au Prince, Haiti

Resides: Laval, Quebec

First Boxing Memory: "Was when I get in the gym in Montreal and it was my brother who brought me to the gym. He was the Golden Gloves champion. That’s the way I started."

Inspirations: "Roy Jones was my man. He’s still my man because I’m with him in the up and down. Right now Jones is a little bit down but I’m still a huge fan of him."

Last Book Read: "That was a book with Anthony Robbins about the mindset. Power Of The Mind."

Favorite Movie: "Training Day."

First Job: "I was 17. That was my first one and my last one. I was working in the Subway restaurant making sandwiches for people. And I asked for Sundays off because I was supposed to go in the boxing tournament and she said no. So I quit the job."

First Car: "Was a white Maxima, Nissan."

Current Car: "I drive – I got many cars – Range Rover, Porsche Cayenne."

Favorite Meal: "Steak."

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: "Vanilla."

Greatest Sports Moment: "My fight against Chad Dawson. Because I was the underdog, everybody was telling me, This guy has no chance. But I need to show I belong with the best in the world and I’m going to become myself a legend. So when I won the fight, I said, I told you guys."

Most Painful Moment: "When I fought the rematch against Adrian Diaconou. I separated my shoulder three times during the fight. The first time was the third round. And I finished the 12 really strong. That was a painful fight. But I never give up. I never quit."

Which Fight Were You At Your Very Best: "Against Dawson. Mentally and phsyically I was not 100% but I was 110%."

Favorite Boxers To Watch: "Roy Jones — though he’s not prime time any more. Roy Jones is my man. It’s because of him that I’m right here talking to you and to be the world champion. And I have a lot of respect for this man, for this boxer."

Funny Boxing Memory: "When I knocked out my best friend (Anthony Decarie) in sparring with a body shot. That was really funny for me."

Embarrassing Boxing Memory: "Maybe the first fight in England. I went overseas to fight Carl Froch. I lost. And that was kind of embarrassing to me. But I know that I did good, I went there, gave my best."

Favorite Sport Outside Boxing: "Back home our national sport is hockey. We won the gold medal in the last Olympics Games. So hockey is my best sport after boxing. (Play?) I’m a former hockey player and I was quite good [smiles]! But I chose boxing instead."

People Qualities Most Admired: "Honesty. Honesty, to me, is really important in life. And you have to be a good, respectable person."