By Witold Szmagaj

Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko trainer Johnathon Banks discusses upcoming Moscow super-showdown versus Alexander Povetkin, Arreola vs. Mitchell, Haye vs. Fury...

Question: Let's talk about your second profession [apart from being a professional boxer] - coaching the heavyweight champion of the world Wladimir Klitschko. It's the third time now that you've been preparing him for the upcoming fight. How is the training camp going?

Johnathon Banks: Training camp is great, everything is good.

Q: Do you already have a plan for the upcoming fight with Povetkin?

J.B.: Yeah, of course. As soon as the fight was official I started getting all the plans together for the fight, so of course.

Q: Is the preparations for the fight any different or the same as always? Alexander Povetkin is considered as one of the toughest opponents for Wladimir right now.

J.B.: Well, I wouldn't say he's one of the toughest ones, because he [Wladimir] has already fought guys better than Povetkin. But in the recent year and a half, maybe two years, yeah he's is one of the better opponents that Wladimir is gonna face. He's a good champion.

Q: Do you already know who is gonna be among Wladimir's sparring partners?

J.B.: I'm not sure, we've got quite a bit of them, I'm not sure who's coming in at this point. I don't have the list in front of me right now so I can't give you any names.

Q: The first part of training camp took place in Florida, USA, the second, as always, is going to Austria. Which place is better for training and how do you feel in Europe?

J.B.: I've been coming to Europe for years, so this is not a problem for me, either place is not a problem for me.

Q: You are going to fight in Russia, in Povetkin's home country, you're not afraid that the judge might somehow favor Povetkin?

J.B.: No, not at all. There's nothing to be afraid about. You know, as a fighter, as a coach when the fight is on all you really want is the victory and just go according to the plan. I do believe that while doing the business negotiations Wladimir's people made sure the judges and referees are gonna play everything fair.

Q: How would you rate Povetkin as a boxer? What are his good and bad sides?

J.B.: He's undefeated so there're no bad sides, I mean he's a good fighter, strong champion. The dude is coming to fight and he is coming to win.

Q: We know Wladimir is stronger, more experienced and taller than Povetkin and where do you think Povetkin will look for his chance to win?

J.B.: When the fighter is stronger or bigger it doesn't mean he's the stronger opponent. It's all about how you use your size and strength, that's really the main thing about it.

Q: What do you think about Arreola vs. Mitchell latest fight?

J.B.: Arreola did a good job.

Q: Would you like to fight in the future for example against Arreola? Is this fight possible?

J.B.: Yes, I'd like Wladimir to fight him, of course.

Q: There's the upcoming fight between Wladimir's former opponent David Haye and Tyson Fury. Who do you think is gonna win this fight?

J.B.: In my opinion David Haye is a better boxer. He has already fought better boxers than Fury. He is faster and punches harder. I say Haye wins this fight. I think it's gonna be a good, entertaining fight and the Hayemaker will win this one.