Former Heavyweight champion Max Scmeling penned an article for Ring Magazine shortly after his knockout win against the previously undefeated American star Joe Louis. In the article, Schmeling offered advices and suggestions, of both the mental and physical aspect, for Louis to apply to himself to overcome the brutal failure.

Manny Pacquiao, like Joe Louis, also suffered a crushing KO loss via the right hand of Juan Manuel Marquez last year. I thought the counsel of Joe Louis in the Ring feature could also apply to Pacquiao. You be the judge.

Here is what Max Schmeling wrote back in the September of '46 issue of The Ring:

"First, let me say that this is not an article composed of boasting. The Louis fight was the most severe test of my career in the ring. Joe has tremendous possibilities. He has much to learn, especially as regards to stopping a righthand punch. If he will disregard his defeat, pick up more courage than ever and set himself to perfecting those points which I exposed as weak, he will come back a very formidable contender," wrote Schmeling.

"If Louis worries over his defeat or his friends give him shabby treatment, he will never be good again. He might take heart from my own experience. No matter what setbacks I got - and the Philadelphia fight with Hamas was a discouraging one - I never listened to any analysis of myself and I never lost faith in Schmeling."

"I knew that a strong resolution is the greatest asset in the ring, and I am confident that the title will be mine again. Louis must make up his mind that he is a great fighter, and then he must correct those things which I showed up as bars to his being a great fighter."

Of course, Joe Louis got a rematch with Max Schmeling, after he won the title from James Braddock, and The Brown Bomber obviously fixed his shortcomings, surely reading the written words of his conquerer, and Louis defended his Heavyweight championship at Yankee Stadium with a historic first round knockout vs. Schmeling.

Perhaps Manny Pacquiao, with or without reading these words by Max Schmeling, can also return stronger than ever to the squared circle, and perform yet still the most sensational and exciting triumphs of his illustrious career.