There is a report out saying that Floyd Mayweather visited Tim Bradley at the gym last week in Los Angeles, just a week before Bradley meets Manny Pacquiao in a critically important rematch this weekend in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 is especially of interest to Mayweather. Mayweather knows if Pacquiao, as expected, defeats Bradley, as he did in their first fight, despite what the judges scorecards said, the expectation and pressure for the undefeated 37 year old American to finally face Pacquiao later this year is going to boil over into pandemonium.

The world will demand Mayweather to shut up and put up and just fight Pacquiao in what will surely be the biggest fight in the history of prizefighting. (We know Mayweather is not going to have any trouble or suffer any kind of injury to Marcos Maidana.)

So Mayweather took matters into his own hands and supposedly paid Bradley a visit at the gym.

Now let's contemplate what messages Mayweather wanted to give to Bradley.

Advice. It's possible that Mayweather, despite his own personal cowardice to face Pacquiao, sees skills in Bradley which can neutralize Pacquiao and he wanted to offer him some specific tactics to utilize vs. Pacquiao.

Reward. Since Mayweather has said he will never face Pacquiao because of health concerns and fears of ending up like Ali, maybe it's possible Mayweather is offering Bradley a bluff lie offer that he will promise to face him next for a purse amount in the eight to ten figure range. We know Mayweather is not immune to lying or bluffing other boxers with fake promises. And we know Mayweather fears to box any Bob Arum boxers because his advisor Al Haymon is powerless to manipulate them. Remember, Paulie Malignaggi told us: "Al Haymon manipulates everything. What Al Haymon wants Al Haymon gets."

Random visit: This is highly unlikely. Mayweather must have a genuine motive for going out of his way to find and then visit a Top Rank fighter like Bradley just a week before the biggest fight of his career.

Only one thing is clear: Mayweather fears the pressure that he will have to deal with if Pacquiao defeats Bradley. The pressure to face Pacquiao eats Mayweather alive and makes him behave irrationally and illogically. Mayweather unravels mentally when he has to talk about fighting Pacquiao with the press, TV or radio show hosts because he knows all his excuses and reasons to duck Pacquiao are nothing but lies. And even a pathological liar like Mayweather grows weary and frustrated at having to live and maintain a hideously obvious lie...that he is terrified of the concept of having to fight Manny Pacquiao in the biggest money fight of all time.

Mayweather's reported visit with Tim Bradley is also a good sign. Because it shows he must be feeling pressure from Showtime and Golden Boy investors to stop making sparring session boring events with people like Guerrero and Maidana. 

You have to think that Golden Boy and Showtime, who are in business to maximize profits not take risks with empty sparring session events choreographed by that cockroach Al Haymon, are ready to sacrifice Mayweather/Haymon to Arum and Pacquiao, especially after the Guerrero-Mayweather "fight" lost millions and there is much uncertainty regarding how well or how poorly the numbers for Floyd-Maidana will perform.

Floyd Mayweather knows Tim Bradley may be the very last, final line of defense in his over four year campaign of ducking and dodging Manny Pacquiao. 

And Floyd Mayweather will say or do anything to save his own ass from having to get in the ring and deal with Manny Pacquiao's speed, power, unpredictable style and ten punch combinations.