Pacquiao Exposes Mayweather Insecurities

Floyd Mayweather defeated Canelo Alvarez in a fight that could not have been choreographed better by Vince McMahon or Steven Spielberg. It was a fantastic show, perhaps lacking in any surprises, grudge or drama but it served it's purposes and will surely generate a lot of money.

The established veteran champion Mayweather looked sharp and super, about as well as he ever has in a boxing ring. Alvarez, the future superstar, so they keep telling us, had trouble dealing with the speed he was facing and just came up short. Like a sparring session boxed at half intensity, neither combatant was seriously hurt at any time.

After the fight, everybody said all the right things. The all-knowing Golden Boy promoter Richard Schaefer revealed the future: "Canelo will come back and be a champion again."

Canelo reminded everyone, just in case we might have forgotten, "I didn't want to lose tonight. But it happened and it hurts."

Thanks Canelo, I have never heard a boxer have to say or feel the need to say, "I didn't want to lose."

Mayweather also had nothing but nice words for the man who supposedly just tried to brutalize him. "I want to commend this young strong champion because he will carry the torch."

Mayweather also seemed to know the future of Canelo, just like Schaefer: "I only have 24 months and then this is the man in the sport of boxing. He did everything well, he goes to the body well, had a good jab and his a good counter puncher."

Then there actually was a mistake made. Seemingly the only error of this perfect Golden Boy Al Haymon night of boxing where everything seemed to go exactly as planned. Floyd added, "He's not 42-0 for nothing, well now 42-l. But in my eyes he is still a champion."

Hey nobody is perfect, not even Floyd Mayweather, the greatest fighter in the history of the sport. But then again, maybe, oh forgive me for being a cynic, maybe it wasn't really a real loss anyway, right? You know, Floyd strangely said about a year ago he doesn't love boxing anymore like he used to because "Boxing isn't real anymore."

Floyd's humble diplomacy at the post fight press conference was a stark contrast to his pre-fight cocky arrogance on the All Access shows, where he mockingly lauded his team for handpicking non-threatening Golden Boy controlled opponents, exactly like Alvarez, Guerrero, Ortiz, etc: "Keep on handpicking them, we're gonna keep on stealing money."

Then, in the same episode, moments later, he contradicted himself, defiantly defending his achievements: "No matter what you say about me, I earned it the hard way."

"Stealing money" by beating Al Haymon "handpicked" opponents is not earning it the hard way. Beating non Golden Boy monsters like Manny Pacquiao, Paul Williams, Sergio Martinez and Antonio Margarito surely would have been earning it the hard way.

Fighting and beating Manny Pacquiao would surely be a high-risk challenge for Mayweather, Haymon and Golden. Oh, and by the way, the Pacquiao name was mentioned at the post fight press conference as a possible future opponent for Mayweather however, Mayweather curtly shut the door on that idea, saying a bout with the Filippino superstar is "not my focus."

Funny, curious and even a bit suspicious isn't it, that the self-proclaimed greatest fighter of all time is so adamantly opposed to the idea of facing the global hero Pacquiao which would be the biggest money making night of Mayweather's career.

The man who hangs a giant poster in his gym that reads, "A true champion can adapt to anything" and who boasts, "I'm a winner, I know how to win no matter what," and "God won't let me lose", seems to unravel mentally regarding the mere presence or mention of the Manny Pacquiao. Can't Mayweather adapt to Pacquiao? Can't Mayweather find a way to win vs. Pacquiao no matter what? Won't God not let Floyd lose to Pacquiao?

Why can't Floyd Mayweather, Al Haymon and Golden Boy take the chance to roll the dice and take a gamble and see what happens if Mayweather and Pacquiao get it on? Why do they all react to Manny Pacquiao the exact same way Superman does to kryptonite?

Could it be that keeping Mayweather undefeated is far too important to the Al Haymon Golden Boy Showtime pay-per-view machine and a Mayweather loss to Pacquiao and Bob Arum/Top Rank would totally destroy their long term business plans and revenue streams?

It certainly seems so.

But in the meantime, everything is just perfect in the Mayweather, Al Haymon, Showtime, Golden Boy world. Everything went exactly perfectly for them on Saturday night, as if the whole event could have been scripted by Vince McMahon.

But of course, that would never happen in boxing. It never has and it never will, no matter what they say about Billy Fox, Jake Lamotta, The Phantom Punch, Bruce Seldon. Primo Carnera, etc. It's all conspiracy theories.

Floyd Mayweather is absolutely the greatest fighter of all time, and Al Haymon, Golden Boy and Showtime don't care about money and control, bottom lines, or serving their own interests or egos, the only thing they care about is giving exciting open competition events to the boxing fans of the world.

Get ready for the next in-house Golden Boy handpicked set up to steal your money (Floyd's words, not mine), Mayweather vs. Khan, Hopkins, or Garcia. And don't overwork your brain too hard trying to figure out who is going to win. Anything can happen in boxing, the theater of the unexpected.

Even if Floyd Mayweather openly boasts, "I never lose fights like this," He didn't really mean that. That was just a slip, really it was. Anything can happen in boxing...


Anything can happen in boxing...