Former WBO Heavyweight champion Michael Bentt, who knocked out Tommy Morrison in one round to win capture the title in Oklahoma breaks down this weekends clash of titans, Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez.

"Floyd by decision. Canelo will come to fight but he will be shut down by Floyd's elusiveness and class. Canelo can fight but Floyd has seen this type before. Floyd is a master at solving opponent's offenses and keeping them in center ring, peppering them with shots and breaking them down."

Interestingly, Bentt made a baseball analogy, comparing the the young Mexican to a home run slugger and the crafty American to a batting champion type consistency hitter. "Canelo does have above competent hand speed and talent but is one-dimensional in his articulation and use of it. He is a Dave Kingman-style longball bomber for the fences. Whereas Floyd is a surgeon, a la George Brett, hitting to all fields for high volume average while setting up the longball, when we, or should I say, his opponent, least expects it," stated Bentt.

Unbeaten Mayweather will face also undefeated Canelo Alvarez this weekend for the WBC Super Welterweight title in Las Vegas on Showtime Pay Per View.