By Michael Bentt

Fishy as in clandestine? Well, it's obvious to me that this was Oscar De La Hoya's

narcissistic attempt to nick some thunder from the Floyd Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez

fight and turn affairs into 'Feel Sorry For Oscar Cause I'm Important Weekend'.

Media whorish in design, sad in reality.


Bob Marley's final words, spoken to his son, Ziggy: "Money

can't buy life." Or buy, what we've been taught will insure happiness.

Iconic status? Check. Extravagance beyond what he could've dreamed as a

youngster from a proletarian background? Check. Respected and poised

figure(head) atop, what is now considered the most celebrated boxing promotional

firm the world over? No doubt. Still, on one of the biggest nights in the

history of the sport, Oscar's ego has to make it about him.

Not that it impacted the fight. It didn't.


The transparent press release tap dances to lines like 'Please respect me and my

family's privacy in this trying time.' Its a press release! So much for warding off

privacy invaders. Does it make him a bad guy? Not in my book. Its makes him human and

flawed. Boxing is a polygraph; reveals everything, denies nothing. Its latent truths and lies,

no matter how presented or prepared, illuminates the true inner impulses and 'hidden'

natures of fighters and fight

fans. Trite but true: Boxing is great theatre. "Who feels it knows it."


I was walking my son to school while reading the hollow poignancy of the press

releases on my phone. Didn't Oscar De La Hoya pull this before? Item: Hopkins vs.

Pascal? The late Artie Curry, HBO's compassionate

'Beacon of Truth No Chaser' would have belted 'I smell a rat!'

Jamaican's reserve a number of words for people that engage in Oscar De La Hoya's

variety of survival/attention seeking behavior. One such word: Jinnal...basically

a bullshit artist. I was still reading the reports when a chuckle and involuntary and

not very subtle "This mafucka, again. Really?", shot

out. Oh,boy. I'd reached my son's elementary school playground. Dropoff was in

full swing.


Oscar's sense of self can't fathom the thought of either fighter reigning supreme

aloft the beams of victory. One supplanted him as boxing biggest draw and the

other he 'mentored' as the co-star in this weekends mega event. For Oscar, the

green-eyed monster hides in the dark corridors of both relationships. It was his

promotion but Oscar is in identity-crisis mode.

Coke, sex and alcohol make us remember and make us forget. Its the

in-between that suck. Though anointed 'The Man' outside the ring, ghosts of not being

the man inside the ring are tender. Not even a body shot from Bernard Hopkins can

compare (I didn't believe it).

The sweet kid from East LA who dedicated his 1992 Olympic gold medal to the memory

of his mom is there, still, just in a different form of turmoil or perhaps, compounded turmoil.

Fighters need dragons to slay. Inner conflict battling outer discord is what made Oscar a star.

Oscar knows conflict. Conflict is his friend and most sexually stimulating lover.

She also comes with a high price.


Michael Bentt is the former WBO Heavyweight Champion. He won the title by defeating Tommy Morrison by first round knockout in Oklahoma.