Seth Mitchell is definitely a class act and a super nice guy and very, very, very likeable but he can't fight as much as Larry Holmes can sing opera. It's a shame Al Haymon manipulated the American TV networks to give this sub-amateur so many prime time TV dates while ignoring two of the greatest heavyweights in history, the Klitschko brothers. Shame on Al Haymon and everyone he manipulated over at Showtime and HBO. Seth Mitchell is no better than Mark Gastineau or Too Tall Jones. Shame on Al Haymon and his disastrous influence on American boxing.


Chris Arreola revived his career with the impressive first round knockout of Mitchell. Arreola got himself in top shape for the first time in a long time and the performance proved it. I don't know, there is something very likeable about Arreola, he is cocky and funny in an inoffensive way. I still remember, Vitali Klitschko lauding Arreola after their WBC title fight a few years ago, Vitali even said that he views "The Nightmare" as a future world champion. To my recollection, Vitali has only said that about two of his victims - Kevin "Kingpin" Johnson and Arreola. If Arreola can get his act together and stay dedicated to the sport and training, and leave the Orea cookies off his grocery list (he once told me he could eat an entire package of Oreos in one shot), he just may fullfil Vitali Klitschko's prophecy.


Ross Greenburg is doing a fine job with the Showtime All Access shows for Canelo vs. Mayweather. A few things have stood out. Such as this simple blunt quote by Canelo Alvarez about his clash with Floyd "...I know I'm going to win the fight."

I also liked this simple direct confident quote by Oscar on Episode 3, "I have no doubt Canelo is going to win."

Boy, Floyd sure has a lot of nice cars.

That was Don King sitting watching Floyd train at his gym. Wonder if King was repaid the six figure loan he gave Mayweather a few years back.

Floyd may have set a record for using the F - word in a 30 minute show, I lost count on Episode 2. I thought champions had more class than that.


It was sad to watch two-time champ Rafael Marquez take a KO loss. He's a shot fighter now.


Funny that Ross Greenburg is back in boxing doing his fine All Access work for Showtime. Not long after he was ousted as the boxing chief at HBO after he rejected televising the mega successful Pacquiao-Mosley fight, Greenburg told Tim Smith of the New York Daily News that he doesn't like boxing anymore and he would never work in it again. Wonder if Al Haymon, who has a powerful influence on Showtime decision-making, owed him any favors from his HBO days?


Quote of the year by Pauly Malignaggi:  "Al Haymon manipulates everything. What Al Haymon wants Al Haymon gets. Such is boxing."


I recently did a Biofile with outstanding Cincinnati Reds relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman. Asked what was his favorite sport outside of baseball, Chapman, who can throw a fastball over a hundred miles an hour and has 36 saves, answered, "Boxing."