Adonis Superman Stevenson is a superstar, he is one of the most electrifying and sensational athletes to grace the sport of boxing in many many years. For sure if Al Haymon had his face of boxing at light heavyweight, we would be seeing another ducking scheme exactly like Mayweather ducking Pacquiao with a whole different batch of excuses and roadblocks. Stevenson is something wonderful for the sport. He's a very smart and creative fighter with nuclear fists. Hopkins will run away from this KO machine. Hopefully Kovalev won't too. Regarding JC Chavez Jr...yawn.

You gotta love Stevenson's confidence and his showboating is performed just perfectly, not too much, just enough to make you smile.

Stevenson is not unbeatable, he will not be able to beat Ward, Hopkins, Kovalev, Bute and Pascal all five of those beasts, but hey you never know maybe he can. Whatever happens it sure will be a lot of fun to see Adonis Superman Stevenson in some big fights -- with Al Haymon's manipulating not having anything to do with it.

I'm still quite suspicious of the Canelo-Floyd "fight." How Canelo just waited and waited and fought with no urgency or desperation, just like a hired sparring partner for the A side would. Also curious and bothersome was how before the final round Canelo's corner offered nothing, no words, no inspiration, no rah-rah. They just were there like they were happy to lose. Canelo also showed no disappointment when it was over.

For a proud Mexican, in the fight of his life, all these behaviors seemed perplexing and bewildering. It's a pattern now for many years in Mayweather fights, the opponents just comes to get a paycheck and is almost happy to lose, like Victor Ortiz could barely contain his smiling happiness just moments after he lost to Floyd.

I would not be surprised if we have another massive fraud choreography going on with Mayweather and his puppetmaster Al Haymon who is desperate to control a superstar (or a counterfeit superstar) to fill the void of Ali, Tyson and Leonard. Would Haymon and Floyd pull off a massive fraud of handpicking Golden Boy set ups to steal a boatload of money from boxing fans? Well, Floyd even said these exact words on Showtime's All Access show.

Perhaps the reason why Floyd and Haymon don't want to do business with Manny Pacquiao or Bob Arum is because they can't buy either one of them.

I think a major Federal investigation of Al Haymon, Golden Boy and Floyd Mayweather would be a good thing for boxing.

Also, I'm proud to say my new book "Facing Federer" has been published and is available at Amazon. You can read an excerpt of it at "Facing Federer" is my third book. Federer, by the way, is a Klitschko fan. Manny Pacquiao, by the way, is a Federer fan. I asked Manny last year who he is cheering for to win the US Open and he replied, "Federer." When asked why, Manny said with a smile, "He's the best."