Status: Six-time world champion boxer and 1992 Olympic gold medalist.

Ht: 5-11 Wt: 154

DOB: February 4, 1973 In: Los Angeles, CA

Childhood Heroes: "Alexis Arguello, Ray Leonard and Julio Cesar Chavez."

Age Started Boxing: "Seven."

Hobbies/Interests: "Golf. One thing about golf, you can never be too good. It’s a challenge, the patience, the
frustration. I think golf is tougher than boxing actually."

Nicknames: "Golden Boy and The Hooker – because of my left hook."

Favorite Movies: "Pretty Woman and now, Rocky (6). Rocky was actually a pretty good movie. This last
Rocky movie, I actually enjoyed it. I was pleasantly surprised [smiles]."

Favorite TV Shows: "Favorite TV show, wow. Actually, American Idol. I have to admit I’m a big fan of American Idol [smiles]."

Musical Tastes: "All kinds, techno."

Last Book Read: "Swimming with the Sharks. Business. And The Ring [smiles]."

First Job: "Washing dishes at my aunt’s Mexican restaurant (Tina’s) in downtown Los Angeles when I was 10."

First Car: "1992 burgundy Camaro Z 28."

Childhood Ambition: "I always wanted to work at McDonalds – the register. And I still thought about doing that, even after I turned professional. To have that feeling of working and getting paid by the week."

Favorite Meal: "Has to be my wife’s meatloaf. Amazing meatloaf [smiles]."

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: "Fruity Pebbles."

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: "French vanilla."

First Boxing Memory: "When I was about seven, I had my first nosebleed. I took my gloves off and started crying. I wanted to get my mother [smiles]. I’ll never forget that."

Pre-Fight Feeling: "Oh my, pre-fight feeling is everywhere…butterflies, nervous and anxious."

Greatest Sports Moment: "Olympic gold 1992, by far. That was the best feeling ever."

Most Painful Moment: "Probably the loss to Bernard Hopkins. Not because the body shot hurt or – just that frustration I felt afterwards. The fact that he paralyzed me for 10 seconds, and after 12 seconds I was fine. It’s boxing. It’s a body shot that was well-located, well-calculated. I mean, I went for history (the unified Middleweight title). I tried to fight the best, the bigger man, and I – at least I tried. I couldn’t do it but I tried."
Worst Injury: "Fortunately just bruised around my eye."

Favorite Vacation Spot: "Cancun."

Funny Boxing Memory: "Yeah [laughs], I’m not sure who it was. I was fighting, we were in a clinch and all I hear is this guy just pass gas. And I didn’t laugh but inside I was just cracking up and that was pretty funny."

Embarrassing Boxing Memory: "I gotta think about that one. In boxing you mean? (Or something from your life related to boxing or celebrity.) At a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe I was teeing off and I shanked the ball and hit somebody. And on TV. It’s very embarrassing. All big celebrities, you have Jordan playing, everybody playing. And it’s actually a serious tournament. And you had a hundred people there and I shank the ball. Luckily it only hit them on the shoulder."

Favorite Athletes To Watch: "Michael Jordan. Tiger Woods. Greg Norman. Jack Nicklaus. Chi Chi Rodriguez. I like that thing he does after he makes a good putt. Roy Jones was awesome to watch. Manny Pacquiao. Sugar Shane Mosley. Bernard Hopkins."

Favorite Fights: "Douglas-Tyson, Pryor-Arguello I and II."

Favorite Non-Boxing Sport To Watch: "Basketball."

Funniest Boxer Encountered: "Felix Savon (the great Cuban Olympic heavyweight champion). He’s a funny guy. We were like buddies at the Olympics."

Early Boxing Memory: "I remember winning my first tournament. I had stopped this kid in the first round. I didn’t know I’d win a trophy. Then they handed me one. I was like, Gosh, I want another one."

People Qualities Most Admired: "I like to see genuine people. I like to see people who are honest. I like those qualities."