Former Undisputed world heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe took the time out this weekend to answer your e-mail questions...

Q-Who is your favourite fighter of All-Time?? BigDaddyBowe

Riddick Bowe: Muhammad Ali. He's the one who made me want to put on the gloves

Q-If you could compare yourself to one fighter past/present who reminds you of yourself? -BigDaddyBowe

Riddick Bowe: Hmmm....I think maybe Henry Armstrong or Sugar Ray Leonard.

Q- What's his view of the current heavyweight crop? How about a breakdown of the current belt holders? Mr Jenkins

Riddick Bowe: Well, start with Vitali Klitschko. Start with him. I think he doesn't have anybody to put any pressure on him. So he does what he wants. He's big, very strong, he likes to stay in his comfort zone. And by him being in his comfort zone, he beats birds off them boys. The second best would be probably Byrd. I think Byrd's a good technician. However he doesn't have a punch like a heavyweight. So he lacks to much by not having that big punch. But he's a pretty good fighter. Okay. Then that leads us to the Spanish guy, what's his name (Ruiz). I mean, he's the luckiest guy in boxing. Because I didn't see him beating anyone in there really. I felt Golota beat him last time but unfortunately he got the decision. I don't even know how he got a title (he got it when Kirk Johnson was DQ in their match for the vacant WBA belt). I think Rahman could beat that Spanish guy with no problem. James Toney - I would put his lights out. James Toney is disrespectful and I would like to fight that guy once I get my swagger back.

Q-If Riddick succesfully continues his comeback and gets back to the top, Lennox Lewis suggested he might come out of retirement as well. If this were to happen, would you finally fight him? Mr Jenkins

Riddick Bowe: Oh listen, I would jump on him like white on...I mean, man, please that would be my dream come true. (You'd be on him like white on bread?) What you talkin bout? I'd be on him like white on rice.

Q - Which belt holder is he aiming at? Don't tell me any of them or all of them. There's gotta be one in particular that he thinks he can have an easier time with than the others.

Riddick Bowe: Well, I mean, my thing is Vitali Klitschko. In 14 months I'll be ready to fight Vitali Klitschko.

Q-In prior interviews you've stated that weight isn't really a big issue.
Do you see yourself getting into better form as bigger fights unfold or is this really not a big issue?-BigDaddyBowe

Riddick Bowe: I would love to be in better form. Of course we're concerned with weight. My weight now is 270. 250-245 should be good for me. The mistake I made in the past was trying to take weight off too fast. So what I'm doing now is just taking it off gradually. So I can stay strong.

Q-Your friends, are they supporting you in your conquest to regain the HW Championship? -BigDaddyBowe

Riddick Bowe: My man, I don't know what you speak of. The only friend that I have is my wife (Kerry). My friends all disappeared when Rock Newman disappeared. I guess he had all his people around me, so why can I expect them to be my friends because they're not. They never call on me or check on me or anything. So they're not my buddies.

Q-How does it feel to be interviewed by boxing fans. I have goosebumps. -BigDaddyBowe

Riddick Bowe: I mean, for me, it makes me feel great to know that people are anxious to see me fight again or are thrilled to hear from me. (So you have a lot of diehards out there like this guy Bigdaddybowe?) Oh, absolutely, these are the people that make me want to continue to do what I'm doing. (Tyson has a fan from Manchester, England who has Tyson tattoos all over his body with a full portrait on his back and his full ring record down each arm. I mean this guy loves Tyson. Do you have any fans like that? Did you meet any like that?) None that I know of so far. Maybe this guy you're talking about (bigdaddybowe) maybe he can get a tattoo of me put on his back.

Riddick Bowe: Well, if you give me about 14 months, I should be ready for the top level by then. See, I want to be clear on this thing, I'm taking fights here and there just so I can get my swagger back, get my weight down. Then, once I get sharper and my weight down and I'm feeling good, then it's time to take on the big boys.

Q - How long did it take for your balls to recover?

Riddick Bowe: They're still healin, they're still healin.

Q - As poorly as he is doing, should Holyfield be allowed to fight?

Riddick Bowe: Well, that's a tough question because a lot of people say I shouldn't fight. However I think Evander Holyfield is a great fighter and unfortunately for him I thik the only thing that he might knock out is his legacy. And I'd hate to see him mess his legacy up.

Q - Why was he scared of Tyson and why was he scared of Lewis? -TysonKo49-4-0

Riddick Bowe: Why was I scared??? I was never scared of Mike Tyson or Lennox Lewis. Mike and I just agreed not to fight each other, the fact that we were from the same neighborhood. But I will fight chickenshit any time any place.