Interview Wladimir Klitschko!

By Scoop Malinowski

Q - How is living in your new home in Los Angeles, CA?

Klitschko: "Los Angeles is a great city. My last fight on August 20 (KO 1 Fabio Moli) I used to prepare in Europe, because of the fight (being) in Germany. Now for my next preparation I will stay in the town for next fight on December 20th. I will be there. The life is great. It's like a big difference between Los Angeles and New York...between something special in the movie, special effects, and then something unrealistic as Los Angeles, then something real, real is New York [laughs]. But both cities are great and I love Los Angeles too."

Q - What do you think when your critics, your doubters, say you're finished?

Klitschko: "I mean, it doesn't matter when the critics say I'm finished. Because (my career is) to be continued. I used the fight on August 20 and the American crowd didn't see a lot from that fight, because the fight was in Europe. And I'm looking forward. I feel good. And I'm looking for some big fights. And I'm coming again."

Q - Did James Toney impress you against Holyfield?

Klitschko: "Man, that is sorry. Sorry for Holyfield. I mean, I'm really a big fan of Holyfield. I think he used to stop to fight like two years earlier. So sorry for Holyfield. But he still stay a great fighter even though he lost his last fight. And James Toney, he was surprise. He gives his best."

Q - What did you think of Joe Mesi's KO win against DaVarryl Williamson?

Klitschko: "No, I didn't see it. I saw him first time here at press conference (to announce Dec. 6 WBC Eliminator Vitali Klitschko vs. Kirk Johnson, plus Mesi vs. Monte Barrett). I heard about him, that he's a younger man in the heavyweight division who's coming. That he's really strong fighter. I saw some shots from his fight against Grant (sic), so he knocked him out. I was really impressed. I think he's a good guy. Let's see what the future brings. Next he fights Monte Barrett. I fought Monte Barrett in London three years ago. He show very, very big heart. He used to fight like a man. So I think it will be very good to prove for Mesi, for himself actually. How good he is."

Q - They say losing is the best thing for a fighter sometimes. It gives great motivation and inspiration. Would you agree?

Klitschko: "Of course it gives great motivation. But I don't want to lose again [smiles]. Because it's not positive. It is positive once in the five years. Because I used to check the history. All great fighters, they were losing their fights in the time in during five years. So five years, they bring in great shape, then they lose once, then the record goes up, then they lose again. And it was with Lennox Lewis, it was with Evander Holyfield, it was with Foreman, Muhammad Ali, Tyson and others. So I'm not a champion. I don't want to put me in this list with with these guys. But we have a dream for both of us...for me and for Vitali...and we would like to be champions, but in the different versions at the same time. It was never in the heavyweight division and it's very difficult to get it. But we're on the way to this success."

Q - What young fighters impress you coming up now? The era of Jones, Tyson, Holyfield, Lennox, Hopkins, Oscar, will soon pass. Who are the next generation of boxing superstars do you think?

Klitschko: "Hmmm. Difficult to say. Actually I'm pretty young enough (27)...I think that I'm from this young generation. I think there's a lot of guys around like Joe Mesi. I think he's a great fighter. But let's see what the future brings. I think some new guys, some new names, it's difficult for me to say."

Q - How do you see the fight turning out with your brother and Kirk Johnson?

Klitschko: "Kirk Johnson - he's very good fighter. He used to make good experience in amateur boxing. And pro too. And I think it will be not easy for Vitali. But Vitali is very good motivated. I think he's stronger than early, because now it's his time coming. It will be not easy job. But I'm looking forward to seeing Vitali as the winner on December 6th."

Q - Did your brother surprise you with his tremendous performance against Lennox Lewis? Because he really surprised much of the boxing world...

Klitschko: "Yeah. I am proud of my brother. Because everyone was thinking that he's a fighter without heart, because he lost against Chris Byrd. And that's only one fight which American crowd saw on HBO. And then he has long break for three years (off-TV fights). Then Lewis fight he showed that he has good chin, great heart. He has not the technical style like me, for example. He has unorthodox style. And this way, people underestimate him. Actually, his style it's pretty good. It's not impressive from technical (standpoint). But from his power and his wish to win and his street fighter style...I think what the people love."

Q - When you were watching Vitali fight Lennox from your brother's corner, what was your reaction?

Klitschko: "I never say my brother so good prepared, and mentally preparation. He was 110%."

Q - Did you know he had this in him? I mean, how did he do it? Nobody was ever outboxing Lennox Lewis.

Klitschko: "Because I lost my last fight. It was a good motivation for him. Because we're losing together and we're winning together. And because of his wish, he has the wish to fight against Lewis or Tyson or Holyfield, against these guys who the big names in boxing. There's a lot of guys around who want to fight for world championships, but not everyone get it. But Vitali get his chance. He took it in two weeks, you know the story. So that's why he was great, that he waited."

Q - Do you think Lennox Lewis is going to fight again? Your gut feeling...

Klitschko: "I think Lennox don't want to fight again. But he has to fight. Because now his reputation is wet. (What?!) I mean, he got a lot of critics after his last fight. He won the title...but he lost the fight. That's why I'll say he don't want to fight again. Because he's getting older and I think he has enough from sports. But I think he has to."