"More confident now than ever that Manny beats Floyd."


Freddie Roach was busy working with Ruslan Provodnikov, Glen Tapia and Zou Shiming on Wednesday afternoon at the new Everlast Lab in Hoboken, NJ but he took time out to talk boxing...

RingObserver.com:  What do you think will be the resulting consequences of the Golden Boy/Haymon and Schaefer separation?

Freddie Roach:  "I really don't know, I'm not a lawyer. I don't know what's legally binding with Schaefer and Haymon signing guys on the side with Oscar maybe not being aware. You have to talk with a lawyer about who's gonna win that one."

RingObserver.com:  Do you get a sense of any positive optimism that Pacquiao vs. Mayweather can finally be made now?

Freddie Roach:  "Why? Haymon and Arum still hate each other."

RingObserver.com:  Do you know what the basis of that hatred is?

Freddie Roach:  "I don't know. Nope."

RingObserver.com:  You worked with Wladimir Klitschko for a short time back when he was struggling before he regained the title. Are you surprised that he was able to turn around his career in the manner that he has?

Freddie Roach:  "I had him for four fights. Four knockouts. Then he went to Emanuel Steward and I was fired, so. That's the end of the story."

RingObserver.com:  What most impresses you about Ruslan Provodnikov?

Freddie Roach:  "He trains hard, he's a tough kid. What really impressed me was when he was hired to spar with Manny Pacquiao and he learned how to handle Manny's speed, his movements, he learned it on his own. He was all the way in the corner by himself. And I was in Pacquiao's corner. And the guy is a lot smarter than people realize. When the offer came to me to train him, I jumped at it."

RingObserver.com:  Did anything surprise you about Miguel Cotto's destruction of Sergio Martinez this past weekend?

Freddie Roach:  "The knockdowns in the early rounds surprised me a little bit, I didn't think it would happen so quickly. But overall, no, I thought we would win every round."

RingObserver.com:  Why were you so confident?

Freddie Roach:  "I'm not a big fan of Martinez as a boxer. He's a great athlete, yes. But he's not a great boxer. Never has been."

RingObserver.com:  Was this one of Cotto's finest career performances?

Freddie Roach:  "He fought well. I think so."

RingObserver.com:  Did Cotto make any mistakes?

Freddie Roach:  "Yeah, of course, everyone makes mistakes. But the thing is you need to continue to improve and move on. When he gets back in the gym he'll do it."

RingObserver.com:  Do you believe Cotto will beat Mayweather right now?

Freddie Roach:  "Well, the first time he had Mayweather, Miguel told me, 'Freddie, if I was in this kind of shape when I fought Mayweather I would have beat him easily.' So he believes that. I'm not a huge Mayweather fan so I believe that Miguel can beat him too."

RingObserver.com:  Any idea why Cotto was not in top shape vs. Floyd?

Freddie Roach:  "I wasn't his trainer, I have no idea."

RingObserver.com:  And I assume you still are highly confident that Manny will beat Floyd right now?

Freddie Roach:  "More confident now than ever."

RingObserver.com:  Why?

Freddie Roach:  "After seeing his last performance, he's shot."