Scoop: Why do you love boxing?

Joel Casamayor: "I love boxing. That's what I started doing as a kid and I love the sport ever since."

Scoop: Do you remember who the first famous boxer you ever met was?

Joel Casamayor: "Plenty of famous ones...Pedro Reyes, southpaw. I was eight years old. At a world amateur tournament."

Scoop: What do you think was the finest performance of your career, where you really felt at your very best?

Joel Casamayor: "Freitas. (Why?) I felt physically that I was at the top of my game."

Scoop: Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, how do you see that fight playing out?

Joel Casamayor: "Mayweather. Easy. Too much skill, too fast. I've been asked the same question a hundred times. Too fast. Speed always wins. Too much boxing."

Scoop: Rigondeaux - how good is he?

Joel Casamayor: "God-given talent. You have to be born that way. Two time Olympic gold medalist. No doubt one of the best to ever come out of Cuba."

Scoop: Who out there can beat Rigondeaux?

Joel Casamayor: "Nobody. Nobody."

Scoop: Who are the three best Cuban fighters of all time?

Joel Casamayor: "Myself. Rigondeaux. And Teofilo Stevenson."

Scoop: Which fight in the world today are you most looking forward to, as a boxing fan, the most exciting fight you want to see, any weight class?

Joel Casamayor: "Pacquiao-Mayweather. The best fight out there."

Scoop: You think Floyd will win easily. But you give Pacquiao a chance?

Joel Casamayor: "Absolutely. Absolutely. Because of his speed also. But the skills Mayweather has beats Pacquiao."

Scoop: Why do you think Mayweather still is so reluctant to do the fight after four years of excuses?

Joel Casamayor: "They blame it on each other for not fighting. They want 60-40, 40-60. I don't think it's about money, I think there's an issue."

Scoop: What are the chances you think it will finally happen?

Joel Casamayor: "We were talking about it yesterday. 50%. If it doesn't happen next year it's not going to happen."