Now the floodgates of pressure and demand are going to hit Mayweather like a hundred prime Mike Tysons. As it should. If Floyd refuses to say 'Okay I will fight Pacquiao next', he deserves to be ostracized from the sport and given a one-way ticket to Vince McMahon's WWE office in Connecticut.

But money rules the boxing world and money (investors of Showtime and Golden Boy) may force Floyd "My Health Matters Most" Mayweather to risk everything and finally get in the ring with Manny Pacquiao. 

Pacquiao looked very good in defeating Tim Bradley last night in Las Vegas but it was a more calculating performance by the Filippino Destroyer. His offensive attacks were more measured and careful, the blazing ten punch combinations we saw vs. Brandon Rios were not utilized, for whatever reasons.

This should give Mayweather reason for optimism in his chances to beat Pacquiao.

A careful, cautious Manny Pacquiao is a more comfortable and less threatening adversary for Floyd to face.

But, of course, maybe Pacquiao held back his firepower to lure Floyd, Boxing is a very complex mental and physical game. It's hard to rule out anything in a sport where some very strange things have happened in major superfights. Remember, Roy Jones once tried to claim that he lost the third fight with Antonio Tarver on purpose, to spite his father.

Another factor which cannot be completely discounted is that Mayweather has been choreographed to win all his recent "fights" by his all powerful manipulative controller Al Haymon. I know this is a controversial subject, but in analyzing this situation, all logical options must be considered. Remember, Mayweather actually told us that "I don't love boxing like I used to because boxing isn't real anymore." And Paulie Malignaggi dropped this bombshell on Haymon:  "Al Haymon MANIPULATES EVERYTHING. What Al Haymon wants Al Haymon gets." These explosive quotes are on the public record. And very well may be important pieces in the jigsaw puzzle.

We know Al Haymon loses all his leverage to control boxing when Mayweather loses so it would not be beyond comprehension that Al Haymon would resort to any despicable action to arrogantly maintain Mayweather's unbeaten record for his own personal power. Heck, we even have a public revelation from one of Haymon's transgender boyfriends that Haymon paid Canelo Alvarez an extra $5 million to go soft on on Floyd. Haymon's lawyers tried unsuccessfully to have the story pulled but it is still posted at Jacky Jasper's site

 If Floyd has been spoiled by controlled fights that he knows he would not lose or be injured in then the only way to force Haymon and Mayweather to face Pacquiao is a total boycott of May 3. Bob Arum actually called for fans to boycott Mayweather vs. Maidana and that by doing so it would force Mayweather to the negotiating table. 

If investors of Showtime and Golden Boy lose another fortune on Mayweather-Maidana as they did on Mayweather-Guerrero, heads are going to roll, including Mayweather's and Haymon's.

Things are about to get very interesting in the boxing world, dear readers. So do please stay tuned...



Floyd knows it's his destiny to lose to Pacquiao but he must accept it. "The humble shall be exalted, and the exalted shall be humbled."