Floyd Mayweather always tells us he calls all the shots, he's the greatest fighter of all time, he is the biggest money maker in all of sports, blah, blah, blah.

With all his self proclaimed clout in the sports world, there would seem to be no need for any one to run Floyd's career. Floyd Mayweather is the greatest living athlete of all time, he's unbeatable, he's the all time king of pay per view, etc. Floyd is so fabulously wealthy that he doesn't even need or bother with endorsements like Nike or Gatorade.  Whatever Floyd touches turns to stacks of dollars. He even calls himself "Money" and his team "The Money Team."

But if you follow boxing closely, with an observant eye, you notice Floyd Mayweather relies heavily on a man named Al Haymon.

Now why, you may wonder, would the king of all sports, need anyone to run his career? Why would Mayweather need to give so much power to Al Haymon? When he could keep it all to himself?

We don't know much about Al Haymon except for snippets of information that leak out now and again. Richard Schaefer says, on the public record, Haymon is the smartest man he ever met in boxing and that Al Haymon is "the best in the business." Paulie Malignaggi said in an interview last year that, "Al Haymon manipulates everything. What Al Haymon wants Al Haymon gets." Almost every boxer associated with Showtime and Golden Boy Promotions make it a first priority to thank God first and Al Haymon second when they give live post fight interviews on Showtime. Bob Arum once called Haymon "Machiavelli" in an interview.

And perhaps most strangely, a transgender prostitute named Foxxy TS said on the record to a popular Hollywood gossip site that his boyfriend Al Haymon fixed the Canelo Alvarez-Floyd Mayweather fight by paying Alvarez an extra $5 million dollars to go easy on Floyd. The site owner Jacky Jasper told me Haymon's lawyers threatened him to pull the story but eventually backed off and gave up. Jasper maintained his source for this bombshell story was completely legit.

We have also learned in a New York Times article about Haymon by Greg Bishop that Haymon allegedly told former Golden Boy employee Xavier James that he could run boxing if he wants to. It's obvious by now Haymon intends to run boxing after the octogenarian Arum departs the scene.

There are several theories about how Haymon operates. And about how all his leverage and power to rule boxing is dependent on maintaining the illusion that Floyd Mayweather is simply unbeatable and the greatest boxer in ring history.  To run boxing you have to have a star to sell and promote. Don King's empire was based on highly sellable stars like Larry Holmes, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Julio Cesar Chavez, Felix Trinidad, etc.

Today, the climate in boxing is different, and the only major sellable American star right now is Mayweather. Without question, Mayweather, aged 37, is still a vital component to Haymon's growing empire.

There are rumors and speculations about Al Haymon inside the industry, some of which are negative.  Paulie Malignaggi informed us, Haymon will do whatever it takes to control boxing, even manipulating judges, Mayweather opponents, the boxing media, TV commentators and analysts, to promote his propaganda agenda. Keep in mind, that after Malignaggi spoke his critical words about Al Haymon, he soon after signed his career away to be controlled by Al Haymon. The general perception of that career move by Malignaggi was that he "sold out."

It would seem Al Haymon has the power, resources and influence to force a lot of people to sell out. And you have to wonder, just how many figures in boxing have sold their souls to Al Haymon?

You have to wonder if Richard Schaefer, Steve Espinoza, Canelo Alvarez, Victor Ortiz, Marcos Maidana, Bernard Hopkins, Deontay Wilder, Malik Scott, Adonis Stevenson, Teddy Atlas, Tim Smith,  Ben Thompson, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, Danny Garcia, and the most recent Al Haymon signee Amir Khan have all sold out to the new world order, the Al Haymon agenda?

And you have to wonder: why would HBO completely disassociate all of it's business ties with Al Haymon.

At this point, the way things are shaking down, the thought has to enter your mind if Floyd Mayweather and Al Haymon would do anything - ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING - to maintain their power and influence on boxing...and that includes choreographing all their productions to an outcome which first and foremost benefits Al Haymon and Floyd Mayweather.

...Not unlike Vince McMahon's WWE business paradigm.

With the biggest money fight of all time looming...the Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Super Fight Super Bowl...you have to wonder and maybe even conclude at this point, that Manny Pacquiao, who has been ducked and ignored by Mayweather and Haymon for over four years, because he is the truth serum that would expose and destroy the entire Haymon/Mayweather house of cards.

When Mayweather loses to Pacquiao, Haymon will go down with him.

But if Mayweather never loses, if Al Haymon can manipulate "everything", like Malignaggi told us, if Al Haymon can manipulate Mayweather to never ever lose...then I guess you can imagine where the sport of boxing is headed...with Al Haymon calling all the shots.