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Biofile Kenneth Abbott Interview


By Scoop Malinowski

Status: Former pro boxer with an 8-2 record (4 KO’s) and sparring partner of Roberto Duran and Aaron Pryor.

DOB:  1955  In: Detroit, Michigan

First Boxing Memory:  My first memory of boxing was when I was with my dad and he watched Friday Night At The Fights on TV.

First Famous Boxer You Met Or Encountered:  Jimmy Ellis and Mike Quarry.

Greatest Career Moment:  Fighting for Angelo Dundee.

Most Painful Career Moment:  Losing a decision to Dario DeJesus, I thought I won the fight (L6 in 1979 in Miami Beach on undercard of  Ray Leonard vs. Fernand Marcotte).

Strangest Fight: That would be Leon Williams – he ran his mouth what he was going to do to me. After I got in the ring I don’t think he could even fight.

Funniest Boxer Encountered:  Ali.

Funny Boxing Memory:  When I ripped my boxing trunks and didn’t have underwear on. Watching Ali clown with fighters in the gym.

Which Fight Did You Feel At Your Best  My last fight I was in such great shape (W6 vs. James Donnelly in 1981 in Hauppauge, NY).

Favorite Boxers To Watch:  Roberto Duran.

Embarrassing Boxing Memory:  Ripping my boxing trunks during a fight.

Why Do You Love Boxing: One on one.

Hardest Puncher Encountered:  Roberto Duran.

Aaron Pryor Memory:  He was a really good ping pong player. We played every day at my house in Miami. He was also really good at playing horse shoes.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry.

Favorite Artist:  Merle Haggard.

Last Book Read:  I don’t read.

People Qualities Most Admired:  Honest.

(Abbott with Aaron Pryor.)

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