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Interesting Facts You May Not Know

Questions that need answers-media-1

By Scoop Malinowski Al Pacino insisted on taking the lead role as Tony Montana in the 1983 film “Scarface’, although Robert De Niro had been offered it and had turned it down.  For the film, Pacino worked with experts in knife combat, trainers, and world champion boxer Roberto Duran to attain the ...

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Trump May Pardon Jack Johnson

By Scoop Malinowski President Donald Trump Saturday is contemplating a full pardon for boxing’s first black heavyweight champion, Jack Johnson, following urging from actor Sylvester Stallone. Stallone, famous for his role as “Rocky Balboa” in the Rocky movie series contacted Trump and discussed the life story of Johnson. Trump, a ...

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Muhammad Ali vs Bill Cosby

By Scoop Malinowski I recently picked up a book I had never heard of before. It’s called “Running With The Champ: My Forty-Year Friendship with Muhammad Ali” by Tim Shanahan. Shanahan was a medical instruments salesman in Chicago and met Ali in 1975 after inviting Ali to participate in a ...

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How Team Wilder Uses Media Manipulation To Protect Deontay

By Scoop Malinowski Astute ring observers KNOW Anothony Joshua and promoter Eddie Hearn want to fight Deontay Wilder next but the fact is Team Wilder does not want the fight, they want to stall it for years and years until Wilder is a big money maker on his own like ...

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Is it a Conspiracy to Screw Golovkin?

Golovkin vs Canelo Summary in One Sentence-media-1

By Scoop Malinowski Gennady Golovkin has done everything by the book, followed the rules and became a boxing superstar. Unlike Canelo Alvarez who was shoe-horned in by the powers-that-be to be the next big cash cow franchise revenue maker. Golovkin and Alvarez have been on a collision course for a ...

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Joshua Pushing Team Wilder for Offer

By Scoop Malinowski Anthony Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn offered Deontay Wilder $12.5 million guaranteed for a heavyweight unification title fight. Team Wilder – consisting of Al Haymon, Lou DiBella and Shelly Finkel – countered that the offer was too low because they believe Joshua vs Wilder could generate $100 million. ...

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Golovkin Waiting: When Will Floyd Be Sacrificed?

By Scoop Malinowski The time has come and gone long ago for Floyd Mayweather to be sacrificed. It’s the natural evolution of boxing, for the top figure of the sport to be sacrificed, so his star power can transfer to the next star and the money game keeps going. It ...

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Did Wilder Reveal Haymon’s Script For His Career?

By Scoop Malinowski They say the best place to hide something is to put it right out in the open under everybody’s noses. That said, Deontay Wilder just dropped some interesting revelations about the future of his career in a recent interview with Greg Leon at Boxingtalk.com. Wilder sounds like ...

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5th Street Gym Closes in Miami

By Scoop Malinowski The third version of the world famous 5th Street Boxing Gym has sadly ceased operations. The new third location which opened on Alton Road in Miami Beach about two years ago, is no longer in business. I stopped by to visit the once thriving gym and owner ...

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Wilder Begins Duck Process of Joshua

By Scoop Malinowski   Astute ring observers know that Deontay Wilder is nowhere near ready to face Anthony Joshua. So Wilder and his handlers, Shelly Finkel, Al Haymon and Lou DiBella have to create the illusion they want the fight and project their  duckery on Joshua and Eddie Hearn. Wilder ...

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