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Lomachenko is a ring magician

Embed from Getty Images Archie Moore said years after losing to Cassius Clay that “the worst feeling in the world is being in a fight you know you cant win.” Like Ol’ Archie felt utterly helpless inside the ring with Clay, Nicholas Walters knew he had no chance, no hope ...

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Biofile: Alex Stewart RIP

Status: Former heavyweight contender and 1984 Olympian for Jamaica. Achieved a professional record of 43-10 (40 KOs). DOB: June 28, 1964 In: London, England Ht: 6-3 Wt: 218 Childhood Heroes: “Sugar Ray Robinson. Muhummad Ali. Ken Norton. Joe Frazier. George Foreman – it was like a dream fighting George (in ...

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Final Prediction for Kovalev vs Ward

Kovalev vs Ward Press Conference: Calm Before the Storm-media-1

Final Ward vs Kovalev prediction: Jay Z curiously is doing nothing to promote Ward vs Kovalev. Kovalev looked like a beast already pre-celebrating a KO win yesterday at the weigh in. Ward actually said this week that “one punch can change everything.” (Ali didn’t dare say that before Foreman. Lewis ...

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Mayweather Knew Margarito Would Have Ruined His Career

http://gty. im/82077134 Floyd Mayweather felt the need to talk about Antonio Margarito this week in New York at the recent press conference. Of course, many keen ring observers were not deceived by the false narrative that Mayweather did not duck Margarito back in 2006 when Bob Arum was earnestly trying ...

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Boxing Lacks Star Personalites

Tyson’s Rage Before The Golota Fight-media-1

By Scoop Malinowski Bobby Gunn, the boxer and bare-fist fighting champion started a discussion on Facebook about boxing journalists not doing the sport justice in their coverage largely because most press guys never boxed or have been punches in the face. I pondered the topic and countered with the suggestion ...

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Malcolm “Flash” Gordon Tribute by Eric Bottjer


One of boxing’s most important journalists passed recently. Malcolm “Flash” Gordon, approximately 66, a literal recluse the past 30 years, is gone. No surviving relatives are known. No former friends had seen him in years, despite his occupying the same Queens apartment for more than 40 years, until his death. ...

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Luis “King Kong” Ortiz Quotes

Knockout machine Luis “King Kong” Ortiz is one of the most exciting fighters in the tradition-rich heavyweight division. Now, he makes his first ring appearance across the Atlantic when HBO BOXING AFTER DARK: LUIS ORTIZ VS. MALIK SCOTT is seen SATURDAY, NOV. 12 at 4:00 p.m. (live ET/tape-delayed PT) from ...

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Facing Greatness: Ivan Robinson Discusses Gatti Fights


Robinson shares details and insights about his two fights and good relations with 2013 Hall of Fame inductee Arturo Gatti. — By Scoop Malinowski Question: What memory stands out about your fights with Arturo Gatti?   Ivan Robinson: “I could pick a whole lot of categories. I think the most important ...

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Pacquiao saved boxing

Manny Pacquiao transcends boxing on the level of Muhammad Ali. Manny Pacquiao’s example of incredibly exciting boxing, honor, class and humility SAVED THE SPORT. Thank you Manny Pacquiao. Nobody did it better. Secretary of education arne duncan, who called the data mind-boggling at a press event march 21 where he ...

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