“The Cannon” Shannon Gets Fifteen Years for Murder

Former heavyweight/cruiserweight contender Willie “The Cannon” Shannon was sentenced to fifteen years in Nevada prison for a long-unsolved crime involving a ransom/kidnapping/rape/murder of a teenaged neighbor honor student/cheerleader Jamey Walker in May 1981. The now 64-year old Shannon had boxed for the Nevada State cruiserweight title two months after the ...

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Tony Thompson Biofile Interview

http://gty. im/178139708 By Scoop Malinowski First memory of boxing: Watching Sugar Ray Leonard fight as a kid. Boxing inspirations: My family. Hobbies/interests: Golf, bowling, basketball, football, reading, Animal Planet. First job: Delivering newspapers, paperboy. Current car: 2008 Cadillac SRX. First famous boxer you met or encountered: Sugar Ray Leonard at ...

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Oscar’s Plans For Canelo Do Not Include Golovkin

http://gty.im/461884438It’s evident to astute ring observers by the veiled hints being dropped by Oscar De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez that the anticipated Golovkin vs Canelo superfight is not going to happen this year or in the near future as the 160 pound weight classification will be the convenient sticking ...

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Mayweather Creating Illusion He Wants Golovkin

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We all know Floyd Mayweather is boxing again and his latest faked retirement last year is just that – a FAKE retirement schemed to provoke fans to forget all his boring fights and hopefully spark new buzz and enthusiasm for his record breaking 50th fight. Floyd is now speaking about ...

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Is Nike an Anti-Christian Company?


http://gty.im/94330501 Nike has fired Manny Pacquiao over his recent anti-gay / pro-Christian comments. Nike has issued a statement saying, “We find Manny Pacquiao’s comments abhorrent. Nike strongly opposes discrimination of any kind and has a long history of supporting and standing up for the rights of the LGBT community. We ...

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Al Haymon’s PBC Destined To Fail?


Al Haymon created the Premier Boxing Champions televised series to offer professional boxing entertainment to the public with hopes to rebuild the sport’s popularity and prestige. But also there were selfish motives behind the grand enterprise – Haymon wants to monopolize and run the sport as a dictator figure. This ...

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Close Encounters with Boxing Greats


By Scoop Malinowski Dan Burke: “Twenty years ago I stayed at this palace in Panama when I was playing with the Salsa/Latin band out of New York City. I remember Roberto Duran was generous to a fault. I was able to take some good photos there with Roberto. I also ...

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Tyson Talks Tennis


http://gty. im/72606240 As we stood there in the parking lot of Mario’s Ringside Lounge just off Route 1 & 9 in Jersey City, N. J. on a sunny April afternoon, I made a random comment to Mike Tyson, to initiate some small talk. “Mike, you’re looking in great shape, how ...

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Iran Barkley: I Boxed A Legend…Thomas Hearns


http://gty. im/72315786 By Scoop Malinowski Iran “The Blade” Barkley defeated Hall of Famer Thomas Hearns not once but twice. In this interview, Barkley discusses in detail the experiences of conquering the Hitman. Scoop: Which fights in your career do you feel you were at your very best? Iran Barkley: “All ...

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Mike Tyson Forever


http://gty. im/72606240 (I wrote this Column about Mike Tyson back in 2005) By Scoop Malinowski He came from nothing and now he leaves the sport he ruled with nothing. But in between Mike Tyson ruled the boxing kingdom like no man ever has or ever will. King Tyson captivated the ...

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