Tyson Fury Reveals How He Psyched Out Klitschko


http://gty. im/499077472 Tyson Fury actually explained to Oliver Holt of the London Daily Mail how he was able to win the psychological war with Wladimir Klitschko – even though this interview was done two weeks before the fight last weekend it’s a very interesting and revealing read — Tyson Fury: ...

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Will Klitschko Recreate His Style?


Wladimir Klitschko suffered his first defeat in over a decade so he must have been doing something right. But losing to Tyson Fury in the fashion that he did showed that Dr Steelhammer’s dominant yet basic style is now too one dimensional and it did not and will not work ...

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Is Klitschko vs Fury Going To Be Like Clay vs Liston I?


View image | gettyimages.com Major fights sometimes resemble and compare to previous fights from history – not just physically but also emotionally and personality-wise: Mike Tyson vs Larry Holmes was Jack Johnson vs Tommy Burns – Gene Tunney vs Jack Dempsey was Holyfield vs Mike Tyson – Ricardo Mayorga vs ...

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Why Golovkin vs Canelo Must Happen Next

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Even Magic Johnson is calling for Canelo Alvarez to step up to the plate and challenge Gennady Golovkin next. This is THE FIGHT that absolutely needs to be made. Lets hope Canelo and his promoter Oscar de La Hoya don’t blow this. Boxing is in critical stage right now. The ...

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Facing Wladimir Klitschko


View image | gettyimages.com By Scoop Malinowski Boxers recall their experiences inside the ring against the Heavyweight Champion of the world: Wladimir Klitschko… Ray Austin lost to Wladimir in 2007 by KO 2: “He’s an all around athlete. A great athlete, a better athlete than what I had anticipated when ...

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If Al Haymon Advised Muhammad Ali


Embed from Getty Images Let’s imagine if Muhammad Ali was controlled and advised (and protected) by Al Haymon. It’s safe to conclude that Ali’s career would have turned out entirely different – and so too would have the sport of boxing and it’s lofty place in the American culture. If ...

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Holyfield Caught And Annihilated Tyson


November 10, 1996 just may be the single most exciting night in the history of sport. Of course there’s no way to measure such things but boy oh boy – if you saw this fight live or on pay per view there’s no doubt you remember witnessing one of the ...

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