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Golovkin vs Canelo Summary in One Sentence

You think this was a real fight? You think GGG was allowed to go all out and kill the carefully manufactured, future franchise money-maker for the establishment and Las Vegas? This was a half intensity spar session choreographed to make money, set up a rematch and maintain the puppet fraud ...

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Golovkin Already Talking About Canelo Rematch, Hmmmm

Boxers Explain Why They Love Boxing-media-1

  By Scoop Malinowski Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin may put on a great fight on Saturday night but today’s press conference could not have been any more boring or bland. Neither fighter seemed capable of saying anything interesting other than the same old cliches about “big fight” and “belts.” ...

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Golovkin Implies Canelo is a Chicken

Golovkin vs Canelo: The Superfight With Zero Buzz-media-1

By Scoop Malinowski Last week, after months of calm waters and little tension or grudge, Gennady Golovkin suddenly generated some turbulence by directing some choice words at his arch-rival Canelo Alvarez. Golovkin said this:  “I am not Julio César Chȧvez, Jr. and Canelo is no Danny Jacobs.  There are no survivors ...

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