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Paul Reubens Two Decade Friendship With Boxer Michael Onello

    By Scoop Malinowski A chance random barber shop encounter ending up becoming an over two decades long friendship. The interesting twist was the barber was a muscular, fit extrovert named Michael Onello, the client was the iconic Hollywood film star and noted introvert Paul Reubens, best known for ...

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My Interview With Kevin Rooney About Mike Tyson

By Scoop Malinowski Kevin Rooney is one of the most famous figures in modern boxing history because of his important role as the trainer of Iron Mike Tyson, during the former World Heavyweight Champion’s most productive, exciting and devastating years from 1985-1988. A few years ago I had a chance ...

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Tyson D’Amato Proved The Power of Black White Unity

  By Scoop Malinowski The power of Mike Tyson and Cus D’Amato uniting their forces proves how powerful black and white can be working together. Fake news agenda-driven media divide & conquer hate evil must be stopped… Mike Tyson was a juvenile delinquent teenager, on the path to nowhere, living ...

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Mike Tyson Promotes Ear-Shaped Edible Cannabis Gummies In NJ

  By Scoop Malinowski Former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson visited three cannabis dispensaries in NJ on Labor Day Weekend to promote his ear-shaped cannabis edible gummies. The co-founder and chief branding officer of Tyson 2.0, Tyson greeted and met with cannabis fans, ring observers at three NJ locations on Saturday ...

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Biofile Azumah Nelson Interview 1992

By Scoop Malinowski Status: Former WBC Featherweight, WBC Super Featherweight and WBC/IBF Lightweight Champion. Record was 39-6-2 (28 KOs). DOB: July 19, 1958   In: Accra, Ghana Nicknames:  Zoom Zoom, The Terrible Warrior, The Professor. Hobbies/Interests: Business, swimming, playing lawn tennis, table tennis, running. Favorite Boxers To Watch:  Julio Cesar Chavez, ...

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