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Why is Mayweather Ducking Pacquiao Again?

Facing Manny Pacquiao-media-1

Floyd Mayweather was recently snubbed by Conor McGregor out of a big money rematch with the UFC superstar, a rejection that will cost Mayweather over $100,000,000. Understandably, Mayweather, as evidenced by his media quotes blasting McGregor, was enraged by McGregor’s shot calling which left Mayweather high and dry with no ...

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Mayweather’s Unhealthy Jealousy of Manny Pacquiao

By Scoop Malinowski Floyd Mayweather should be satisfied with his 50-0 boxing career career and the hundreds of millions he has earned for punching for a living. He should be happily retired and admiring, enjoying and respecting the current gladiators who carry the sport into the future. But Floyd Mayweather ...

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