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Boxing Stories That Never Get Mentioned

By Scoop Malinowski Some of my favorite and forgotten boxing insider stories that never get talked about by the boxing media… Floyd Mayweather and Al Haymon intended to duck Manny Pacquiao forever, because they couldn’t rig the fight in their favor. George Peterson, the co manager of Paul Williams (with ...

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Why Doesn’t Haymon Attend His Own Boxing Shows?

  By Scoop Malinowski In the early days of promoter Al Haymon’s days involved in pro boxing, you could often see the low-key business suit and tie attired figure sitting at ringside, absorbed and in awe of the big fights. I remember seeing his image many times at ringside, he ...

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Biofile Claude Abrams Interview

Status: Former Editor of Boxing News weekly magazine based in London, England from 1995-2009. Today is a strength and conditioning coach at Intelligent Strength in Chichester, West Sussex, UK. First memory of boxing: Muhammad Ali defeating George Foreman in 1974. Too young to be allowed to stay up and watch. ...

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