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CIRCA 1990: Oscar De La Hoya wears the Ring Belt as he poses as the "Fighter of the Year". (Photo by: The Ring Magazine via Getty Images)

Biofile Oscar De La Hoya Interview


By Scoop Malinowski

Status: 1992 Olympic gold medalist. Pro boxer from 1992-2008. Won eleven world titles in six weight classes. Final ring record was 39-6, 30 KOs.  Boxing promoter for GOlden

Ht: 5-10  Wt: 165

DOB: February 4, 1973  In: Los Angeles, CA

Childhood Heroes:  Alexis Arguello. He was beautiful. He threw straight punches. He didn’t waste punches He was beautiful. And he had a presence outside the ring. Sugar Ray Leonard. Julio Cesar Chavez. Three idols who I looked up to.

Nicknames:  Golden Boy. The Hooker – because of my left hook. The Magnet.

First Boxing Memory:  When I was about seven, when I had my first nosebleed. And I took my gloves off and started crying. And I wanted to get my mother. I’ll never forget that.

Pre-Fight Feeling:  Any fighter will tell you they feel scared, nervous. Can’t wait to go to the ring. A feeling since I was six years old. A feeling I will always have. The night before I visualize. Chuck Norris once told me that what he does is visualize that day or the night before. Visualize throwing a jab, combinations. When you visualize it, you can do it. And it works. It’s a good thing to do. I had a habit of looking in their eye. Because I wanted to scare them. Now I never look. Always look at his gloves. Always. No other fighter does this. His gloves are going to come at me so I only look at them. My father taught me that.

Hobbies/Interests:  Golf. One thing about golf is you can never be too good. It’s a challenge – the patience, the frustration. I think golf is tougher than boxing actually. I think boxers should get into golf more. First, it could create a cleaner image for boxing. And boxers have this hand-eye coordination with everything. It’s there, the timing, everything is there. I think I’m the only boxer right now that’s playing golf.

Early Boxing Memory:  Winning my first tournament. I had stopped this kid in the first round. I didn’t know I’d win a trophy. Then they handed me one. I was like, Gosh! I want another one!

Childhood Ambition:  I always wanted to work at McDonalds. The register. And I still do now. To have tht feeling of working and getting paid by the week. It’s weird.

First Job:  Washing dishes at my aunt’s Mexican restaurant (Tina’s)  in downtown Los Angeles (age 10).

First Car:  1992 burgundy Camaro Z28. I like powerful cars.

Greatest Sports Moment:  When I got the gold medal in Barcelona (1992). That was the best feeling ever. I was nineteen when I won in Barcelona, actually the Joventut Pavilion in nearby Badalona. I put everything on hold for it. I was thinking about winning gold for six years. (Defeated Marco Rudolph by 7-2 decision.)

Favorite Boxers To Watch:  Roy Jones – awesome. Terry Norris – love to watch. Julio Cesar Chavez.

Favorite Fights:  Pryor-Arguello I, II. Douglas-Tyson.

Favorite Movies:  Pretty Woman. The Bodyguard.

Favorite Meal: Big Mac. I always eat a Big Mac after I get a win. Or Pastor tacos with a Coke at King Taco in East LA.

Favorite Breakfast Cereal:  Fruity Pebbles.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  French vanilla.

Funniest Boxer Encountered:  Felix Savon. Guy’s a funny guy. We were like buddies at the Olympics.

Favorite Athletes To Watch: Michael Jordan. Greg Norman. Jack Nicklaus. Chi Chi Rodriguez.

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