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Davis Wins Another Meaningless Fight

By Scoop Malinowski

Tank Davis is 30 years old and still wasting his prime on meaningless set ups like Frank Martin. Yes, Davis won by TKO over the patsy but once again it proved nothing. We already know Davis can beat 7-1 long shots. What we need to know is if Davis has what it takes to dare to be great against the best.

Over the last decade, the Baltimore midget has steered clear of Vasyl Lomachenko, Teofimo Lopez, Tevin Farmer, Devin Haney and Shakur Stevenson – the A list of opponents Davis needs to be facing.

This indicates the people who control Davis do not have confidence in their man and they do not rate his skills and assets as being sufficient enough to be successful against the A list elites just mentioned.

For if Davis was as lethal and formidable as his media hype proclaims, he already would have fought and beaten the A list and he would have unified real world championships, not paper titles.

Now Davis is once again squawking that he’s going to fight all the big names next and Lomachenko is supposedly his next target for November of this year. Davis has already dodged Lomachenko for over a half decade, so it’s hard to imagine he’s ready for the Ukrainian marvel now.

Another factor is that the handler of Davis – Al Haymon – has seen his PBC empire crash to the ground. He has no other moneymaking stars to sell and he has no certain distribution outlet right now. All of his other top fighters are in career limbo – Thurman, Charlos, Wilder. So now is the time Haymon is least likely to risk Davis in a fight where he can be totally annihilated – and Lomachenko has the capacity to give Davis a devastating and brutal loss that could destroy his value.

The trick will be how can Haymon get away with putting Davis in another meaningless fake fight with another 7-1 underdog without insulting boxing fans who have patiently waited and waited and waited for years to see Davis thrown in with Haney, Stevenson, Lopez or Lomachenko?

Of course the boxing media will play along and support Haymon and Davis in more rubbish fights against 7-1 underdogs because the boxing media serves the establishment, regardless of how corrupt their masters are.

The time is right for Davis to finally step up and dare to be great. But in modern American boxing, cowardice, protection, ducking and dodging, and stealing money from the public is the smarter business strategy.

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