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Scoop’s Latest Boxing Interview About Zhanibek Alimkhanuly

In this interview with Legalbet.kz, Scoop Malinowski is asked about the IBF/WBO Middleweight sensation Zhanibek Alimkhanuly of Kazakhstan, who is a superstar in waiting. The 31 year old “Qazaq Style” wrecking machine has a record of 15-0 with ten knockouts and will attempt to defend his titles against Andrei Mikhailovich in Las Vegas on July 13.


Sports.kz: Do you see a danger in New Zealander Andrei Mikhailovich for Zhanibek Alimkhanuly?

Scoop Malinowski:  I don’t see any threats for Zhanibek right now.

Legalbet.kz:  What do you expect from the upcoming fight?

Scoop Malinowski: Expecting another domination performance which unfortunately will slip under the radar of the boxing media.

Legalbet.kz: Do you think this fight will arouse interest among fans in Las Vegas?

Scoop Malinowski: Not sure how the Vegas boxing fans will respond to this fight, not sure if the hardcore boxing fan base really understand how good Zhanibek is. Like Usyk, they didn’t understand how good he was until he showed it vs Joshua and Fury.

Legalbet.kz:  Zhanibek is now in a state of some stagnation. Do you think he will have the opportunity to unify the belts in the foreseeable future?

His only hope is to blossom into a superstar attraction like Golovkin and Usyk is to unify. Hopefully the establishment will not freeze him out of unification fights.

Legalbet.kz:   It seems that Alimkhanuly’s manager Egis Klimas did not do a very good job, quickly leading him to the World Champion title – as a result, without the necessary popularity, Zhanibek cannot monetize his belts. What do you think about this?

Scoop Malinowski:  Zhanibek has been poorly promoted. His talent deserves to be treated like a top priority like Golovkin was by his promoter. Perhaps the boxing establishment based in US and UK does not want to create another Golovkin Usyk in Zhanibek and are neglecting him the star treatment he deserves.

Legalbet.kz:  What does Zhanibek need to do to start receiving decent fees for his performances, do you think?

Scoop Malinowski:  To become a superstar franchise he must keep winning and beat the best. He must raise his media presence and become more active and talkative between fights. Right now he’s virtually an invisible man who shows up and fights once in a while.

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