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The Boxing Circus

By Scoop Malinowski

Boxing has never been so upside down, delusional, and ridiculous as it is right now.

Tyson Fury just got decisively beaten up and nearly knocked out by Oleksandr Usyk but now the crazed British cartoon character is saying he won the fight easily. Not one single expert or pundit disagreed with the Usyk decision win. Is Fury laying the foundation to duck out of the contracted rematch to set up another easier fight?

Canelo Alvarez, the supposed biggest star in boxing today, is not only simultaneously dodging Terence Crawford and David Benavidez, he’s demanding $200m to fight mandatory challenger Benavidez who he claims doesn’t bring anything to the table. Canelo wants to fight another set up patsy like Berlanga or some guy named Scull.

Ryan Garcia just got busted for testing positive for a banned substance after his decision win vs Devin Haney and the result will be overturned to a no contest. In recent months Garcia has been yapping about elites eating and raping babies, and other bizarre rantings about Bohemian Grove and his life being in danger.

58 year old Mike Tyson is going to earn $20m to fight a You Tube champion.

Floyd Mayweather wants to fight a rematch with the grandson of an infamous former Italian mafioso.

A metaphor for the crazy world we currently live in, boxing may be on a path of self destruction, or it’s evolving into professional wrestling. I wonder what Howard Cosell, Angelo Dundee, Emanuel Steward, and Bert Sugar would say if they were still here…

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