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Is There A Conspiracy To Rob Usyk?

By Scoop Malinowski

The long-delayed Oleksandr Usyk vs Tyson Fury World Heavyweight unification clash is set for May 18 but the boxing establishment already has a bigger ambition in its long term business blueprints – Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua, which would be the biggest money fight of all.

If Usyk beats Fury, a Usyk vs Joshua III fight does not quite arouse the excitement of the fresh combination of Fury vs AJ 1. Because we have already seen Usyk outbox Joshua twice and there is not a lot of demand to see it again.

Boxing is a money driven sport and the best business plan for all the profiteers is for Fury to beat Usyk and then face Joshua.  All the entities of the industry are on board for this. The WBC has already announced it would allow the Fury-Usyk winner to fight Joshua next, though Joshua does not hold any world title right now. Usyk and Fury have a rematch clause so they will need to do two fights before any Joshua showdown happens.

So how could the boxing establishment get its wish – Fury vs Joshua 1?

There are several routes.

Order all mandatory challengers to step aside and wait longer.

Most important is making sure Fury is fit enough to outbox Usyk for 12 rounds, by whatever means possible.  Judges can be persuaded to see things in a long term lens, if you know what I mean.

If Fury can box carefully, taking no silly risks, using his height and reach advantages, he can be assured the win by decision. You know, the Mayweather-Pacquiao formula, the Holyfield-Lewis 1 formula.

Usyk is a very intelligent man. He’s a boxing genius, still undefeated at both cruiserweight and heavyweight. Surely Usyk is aware of the situation and the preferences of the boxing establishment to see Fury beat him and then proceed to the AJ vs Fury Heavyweight Super Bowls, one in London, one in Saudi Arabia.

The question is, how will Usyk deal with the agenda that is not going to give him any favors on May 18?

Will Usyk rise to the occasion of facing the pressure of facing the biggest giant of his life along with the politics and politricks of boxing working against him?

All these factors add to the intrigue in one of the most fascinating moments of the evolution of world heavyweight championship history.

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