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Usyk Masters Fury With Another Fistic Masterpiece

    By Scoop Malinowski Oleksandr Usyk performed another fistic masterpiece to conquer the biggest challenge of his career. The Ukrainian ring marvel outboxed and outsmarted the gigantic Tyson Fury with a split decision win which really was convincingly unanimous. Usyk applied pressure on Fury from the start of the ...

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Ryan Garcia Exposing Elite Pedophiles

Boxing champion Ryan Garcia has made shocking revelations about elite pedophile rings, child trafficking and ritual Satanic sacrifices. The American boxer, who just defeated Devon Haney in a major bout, says elites participate in child rape and also cannibalism. Garcia also had pledged to donate $20,000,000 for humanitarian aid to ...

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Coward Canelo Should Be Banned From Boxing

By Scoop Malinowski Canelo Alvarez embarrassed the sport of boxing by using the most ridiculous duck excuses to hide from David Benavidez – again. “He gave the opportunity to Jaime Munguia, who hasn’t done nothing. The excuse Canelo gave was, ‘Oh because he’s been really respectful.’ Like bro, get the ...

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Joe DiMaggio Loved Boxing

By Scoop Malinowski One of the greatest baseball players of all time Joe DiMaggio, known as “an intensely private man” and “notoriously reclusive” was an avid boxing enthusiast. In the wonderful book, “Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio” by Maury Allen,  it was written that the man who was largely ...

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The Franchise vs The Hired Patsy

  Big press conference in Beverly Hills yesterday with the hundred millionaire franchise money maker vs. his handpicked hired patsy. Interesting that the franchise is building up reasons for why he selected his “respectful” patsy while ducking his no. 1 contender David Benavidez… “I said I wouldn’t fight against a ...

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