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Coward Canelo Should Be Banned From Boxing

By Scoop Malinowski

Canelo Alvarez embarrassed the sport of boxing by using the most ridiculous duck excuses to hide from David Benavidez – again.

“He gave the opportunity to Jaime Munguia, who hasn’t done nothing. The excuse Canelo gave was, ‘Oh because he’s been really respectful.’ Like bro, get the f*** out of here,” said Benavidez.

“With Canelo it’s that bulls***, ‘Oh, he needs to be respectful,’” Benavidez fumed to Fresh And Fit. ” I’m not going to bow my knee to nobody because I’ve earned my shot.”

Canelo is so terrified of being knocked out by Benavidez, which would destroy his career as franchise dictator that he is shaming his own legacy by reducing himself to being a coward.  A flagrant, obscene Mexican coward.

To accuse Benavidez of being too impolite and disrespectful for demanding the title shot vs Canelo that he has fully earned is the most laughable hypocrisy maybe in boxing history.

Just imagine the absurdity if Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier, George Foreman all refused to fight Muhammad Ali because he was too disrespectful.

Just imagine the shame and mockery Sugar Ray Leonard would have endured if he said Roberto Duran was too disrespectful  back in early 1980, before they fought in Montreal on June 20, 1980

Just imagine the public and media humiliation Lennox Lewis would have suffered if he decided to duck Mike Tyson in 2002 for being too disrespectful.

Boxing is a  rough and tumble sport and trash talking and ego clashes are a major reason why boxing elevates above and beyond all other athletic competitions. Mind games and psyche warfare and wars of words make boxing all the more better.

For Canelo to say Benavidez has been to rude and disrespectful should instantly end Canelo’s career. He deserves to be suspended for two years, boycotted by all fans and media, until he mans up and faces his mandatory challenger David Benavidez.

Shame on you and everyone else who supports Canelo’s next fake fight vs an opponent who totally respects Canelo outside the ring and I guarantee you Munguia will over-respect Canelo inside the ring too. That’s why he was hired to be the next opponent. Munguia knows the rules of his boss Canelo.

So don’t be a fool, don’t be a sucker and BOYCOTT Canelo. UNTIL he is forced to fight David Benavidez.

(Muhammad Ali & Howard Cosell oil painting by Scoop Malinowski)

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