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The Franchise vs The Hired Patsy


Big press conference in Beverly Hills yesterday with the hundred millionaire franchise money maker vs. his handpicked hired patsy. Interesting that the franchise is building up reasons for why he selected his “respectful” patsy while ducking his no. 1 contender David Benavidez…

“I said I wouldn’t fight against a Mexican fighter but someone respectful like Munguia, who earned his chance, fight after fight – it’s something that I’m glad we were able to make happen. I hope that everybody can see that this is going to be great for everyone involved, and for Mexico in particular.” 


“Munguia is a disciplined guy. He really hits hard. He can be a power puncher, and I like the challenges. I want to go after hungry [fighters] like Munguia who want to give their all inside the ring and give the fans the show that they deserve.”

“I am really proud of what is going to be an amazing week and full of Mexican pride. Full of fans out in the streets, showing their pride and being able to drape the flag all over and show the world what kind of party the Mexicans can throw. Both inside and outside of the ring it’s going to be amazing, and I can’t wait.”


“The fans are going to be the greatest winners on May 4 and we invite you all to enjoy what’s going to be a great party and a great source of Mexican pride for everybody.”

“It’s a great source of pride for me because it’s Mexican all over, and I’ve pride in Jaime Munguia to come all the way that he has and I’m proud the country is being featured the way that it is.”

“Al Haymon, PBC, Fernando Beltran… I’m really thankful with them for being able to make it happen, because this fight – when two Mexicans sit down and they talk, it’s not hard to make it happen.”


The hired patsy (43-0, 34 KOs) was just grateful for the payday and exposure, expressing no desire or intent to beat up and destroy his employer. The words of the subservient patsy indicate there will be no shocking, unscripted upset on May 4 and the franchise gravy train will roll on to the next patsy (certainly not Benavidez)…

“I want to thank Canelo, the fighter with the four titles, I want to thank him for the opportunity. We’re working really hard for this, and on the 4th of May it’s going to be a big fight. Viva Mexico.”

“He has always been a source of pride and motivation for me.”

“When I was coming up and I used to see him fight, I said, ‘That’s a good guy, I want to be like him.’ And today we have the chance to face him and hopefully we get to be like him one day.”

“Yes, we’re ready. We are ready for everything and we are going to give it everything and have a great fight that night. This is the beginning of the top of my career.”

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