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Crawford Is An Authentic Great, Unlike Pretender Mayweather



By Scoop Malinowski


I once asked Pete Sampras what qualities he most admires in people…

The all time tennis great 14-time Grand Slam winner answered, “People who know they’re great without having to say they’re great. That’s what I aspire to be like. To me, that’s untouchable.”

Terence Crawford personifies the image of the great sports champion, as depicted by Pete Sampras. After he unified all the world titles in his second weight class – the first man in boxing history to accomplish the feat – Crawford refused to brag about his all time status, saying it was up for the fans and media to determine.

Crawford has a natural class and humility that the previous welterweight boxing champ Floyd Mayweather never had. Mayweather always tried to boast and pretend that he was “the best ever”and whenever he was compared to other greats of the past he would react with jealousy and insecurity. And then he would criticize and point out there flaws.

Mayweather was a counterfeit pretender masquerading himself as a fake great. Terence Crawford is the real deal both inside and outside the ring. Crawford has a more complete and diverse arsenal and skillset than Mayweather, by far. He also has a polite, humble and likable personality, which the immature and insecure Mayweather did not.

Terence Crawford is everything Floyd Mayweather pretended and wishes he could be.


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