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Garcia vs Davis Fight Week Observations


By Scoop Malinowski

Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Tank Davis press conference tension seems real this time, so I’m expecting a real fight for a change (not a co-joint business deal event). Davis has been carefully protected his whole career so he’s an illusion. Haymon PBC is on the ropes financially and have been forced to take the risk of facing Garcia because they need revenues (Wilder and Spence aren’t bringing in any revenues). Prediction is Garcia is going to wreck Davis. Haymon really didn’t want this fight for Davis but got forced into it, he tried to rig all the terms and clauses in Tank’s favor because he doesn’t truly believe in Tank. If Haymon truly believed in Tank, he would have already fought Lomachenko, Teo Lopez, Farmer, etc. Tank stagnated with all the easy set ups vs hired patsies. Garcia by KO.

This is the moment of truth for Davis. He’s been manufactured and packaged as some kind of mini Tyson terror out of the Baltimore hood. All of his titles are bogus and he’s always sidestepped away from high risk dangers. But now he’s finally going to be in a real fight against a young, hungry, impressive rival in Ryan Garcia, backed by Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins. Davis doesn’t sound ready for what he’s being thrown into. He sounds stupid with his amateurish insults of Garcia’s skills.

Haymon rarely makes mistakes for his key assets but sometimes on rare occasions he has made major errors. Haymon was forced by HBO to do the Sergio Martinez vs Paul Williams rematch and his guy Williams lost by one punch knockout in the second round. Haymon also judged that his young heavyweight Cris Arreola would be able to manhandle cruiserweight Tomasz Adamek but Arreola lost a clear decision. Haymon is also 1-13 vs Bob Arum fighters. I think Haymon is going to take another big loss on Saturday night when Garcia dominates and exposes the overrated Davis.

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